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Received on Sun, 14 Nov. 2021
Thank you Mrs Uli Perschau from Dolphin Hellas! Your professionalism, quick response to all my questions and wise advise made our family vacation truly unforgettable! I will highly recommend Dolphin Hellas for a trustworthy local travel agency.

A. Van Ostrand, Idaho, USA

Received on Sat, 13 Nov. 2021
This is our second trip working with Uli and we appreciate her excellent service, recommendations and knowledge. We'll look forward to working with Dolphin Hellas again in the future.

J. Vondrak - Oregon, USA

Received on Sat, 13 Nov. 2021
Overall Uli at Dolphin Hellas did a wonderful job in planning our wonderful vacation. For the most part all was perfect. You always have to expect a couple of issues when traveling. If I had to plan it myself it would have had a lot more problems.
So, THANK YOU Uli and Dolphin Hellas, We appreciate all you did to accommodate us.

M. Vassallo - Florida, USA

Received on Sun, 10 Oct. 2021
This was one of our best vacations ever. Everything went very well and we truly enjoyed ourselves. Thank you Uli for working behind the scenes to address all our needs.

J. Warner - New Jersey, USA

Received on Sat, 09 Oct. 2021
This is a superb company willing to tailor a trip for the specific needs of individual travelers or families. The hotels were delightful and well chosen, the transfers were punctual and worry-free, and the guides/drivers were all knowledgeable and kind. The price also was fair and quite reasonable (about 1/3 of the highest bid I received from another company!), and my contact at Dolphin Hellas did her best to keep everything within my proposed budget.

G. Braswell - California, USA

Received on Fri, 08 Oct. 2021
This was a great, and the travel agent did an amazing job of find the right hotels and taking care of all our needs.

V. Eggleston - Texas, USA

Received on Thu, 07 Oct. 2021
I haven't used a travel agent in decades and you were fabulous.

H. Davies - Washington, USA

Received on Wed, 06 Oct. 2021
Very happy with Uli, she is so helpful and picked everything perfect for us. I would use her service again, great company! Would recommend Dolphin Hellas to all my friends.
Thank you,

R. Hanning - Arizona, USA

Received on Tue, 14 Sep. 2021
Dolphin did a great job on our 5 week vacation to Greece considering traveling in the middle of the pandemic

J. Kontras - USA

Received on Mon, 13 Sep. 2021
Very friendly and very helpful. I would certainly book with them again.

A. Keeling- UAE

Received on Fri, 13 Aug. 2021
Dear Aliki,
This is a much delayed, but nevertheless very sincere Thank You for arranging such an awesome trip for L. and me. This was the first time the two of us traveled together, and I was somewhat apprehensive prior to the trip - what if he doesn’t like it; what if it’s too hot; what if he’s bored, etc., etc. I need not have worried. The trip was brilliant - and so were the planning, the guides, and Dimo. I just looked at some of the pictures, and can hardly believe all that we saw and heard and experienced only a couple of weeks ago.
Thank you again - you’re a star! - and please pass along my thank you to all those who made our trip such a fabulous experience.

B. Chester - Florida, USA

Received on Mon, 12 Jul. 2021
As a travel agent booking for my own family, I was particularly impressed with the prompt and capable services provided by Dolphin Hellas. I will recommend them to all our travelers.

L. Dineff - Illinois, USA

Received on Sat, 19 Jun. 2021
Dear Aliki and Eleni,

Thanks again for helping me pull off another great trip. We had a fantastic time. It was so nice to be in Greece before the big wave of tourists return. For your sake I hope there of lots of them for the rest of the summer. Anyway you are a great partner and I don't plan to ever work with anyone else.

Thanks again for your professional service,

Darren Wilkins - Ohio, USA