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Received on Mon, 30 Dec. 2002

(here below follows a letter that a satisfied customer of Dolphin Hellas sent to a potential customer who asked us for references)

Dear Mr. xxx,
Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! We recommend Christina Papagiannakou and Dolphin Hellas unconditionally. My sister-in-law, who researches everything, used them 3 or 4 years ago when she went on a medical conference and took my mother-in-law. They were very happy, so Bill and I used them when we planned our combination work/vacation trip to Greece in April. Actually, we were scheduled to go Sept. 15, 2001, but no planes were flying then, of course, and the conference on Santorini was rescheduled to April 2002. Dolphin Hellas was great with the tragedy/delay and so were the Greek Airlines and United. Everyone refunded our money 100%, and Dolphin Hellas gave us a discount because we rebooked with them within a year.
Christina is really sweet, e-mails right away, and made great recommendations for us. We enjoyed flying Aegean Airlines from Athens to Santorini. You must go to Santorini; it's beautiful and romantic, but don't ride the donkeys, at least not down to the harbor! Renting a car is inexpensive, and driving around the island is easy in the daylight, and there's lots to see. It's also easy to get a bus ride to other parts of the island. We stayed at the Heliotopos, a 15 minute walk or cheap cab ride from the center of Fira. They are wonderful, with private balconies and a fabulous breakfast, but the shower water only stays warm for 10 minutes, then it needs to reheat for 5. In Athens we stayed at a little place on the Plaka and loved it. I'll have to e-mail you back with the name, or ask Christina; again, my sister-in-law had stayed there. Definitely go to the Acropolis right when it opens in the morning, and it won't be crowded. Also, many museums are closed Mondays. We stayed at a fancy hotel where the conference (not Christina) put us up before flying home, and we hated it, except for the breakfast; it was the only place people were snooty, and it smelled like cigarettes. We took a one-day bus ride to Delphi, and we're glad we did, but it was a long day! Okay, any other questions, just e-mail us. Oh, there's a great restaurant a block off the Plaka; I'll try to remember the name.
You can't go wrong with Greece or with Dolphin Hellas.
Have fun! -

Patty Gropp – Illinois, USA

Received on Sat, 07 Dec. 2002

Thank you for the Christmas greeting which we all return and wish you all well for the season and the coming year.
We still recall with much affection the holiday we had in the Peloponnese region earlier this year and thank you all once again for sorting out the interesting accommodation.
We have passed your details on to a few friends who may be contacting you in the coming year.
At present we have not finalised our plans for 2003 and whether they include a trip to Greece remains to be decided. No doubt we will be in touch if we do.
Best wishes
David, Jackie, Claire, Ross & Emily.

Received on Fri, 06 Dec. 2002

Hi Esther!!
That is very sweet and kind and many thanks for your wishes! The same are being returned to you in a Big WAY! I hope you have a joyous holiday season!
I wish I was back in your country!! Work here is insane and just never seems to stop which makes it all feel like it was forever ago that I had my holiday. I hope you do really know how much all of your pre-help assisted my traveling partner and myself to enjoy your country immensely. I would love to come back and live for a year......i have fallen in love with your country greatly . I would like to learn the language and to understand all of the mythology associated with your culture. A superb place!
If you ever decide to come to Canada for a visit, please don;t hesitate to contact me Esther. You would always have a place to stay in my home if you wanted to come to the far west coast and my Island for a visit. It too is amazing and you would probably enjoy it as much as I enjoyed your country.
When is the wedding day??
Many thanks again.........

Received on Thu, 05 Dec. 2002

...While we are just now starting to catch up on sleep, mail and ems, we have been wanting to send you a note of thanks for your assistance in making our trip to Greece so memorable. We found all arrangements and the flights and hotels to be excellent for us. Santorini, of course, had no parallel and was delightful [we might not have thought so during the main tourist season], but we also loved Crete (particularly Hania) and Meteora, where we stayed 2 days past our original plan so that we could visit each of the open monasteries. We even enjoyed the crowded train ride back from up north.
Athens has its own magic and we felt that we did it justice [wouldn't want to drive in your city, even if we could understand the street signs, but you have excellent metro and bus service].
The Greek people we met were most helpful, friendly and nice. Our only problems involved a few dishonest taxi drivers, which we had been warned about, but still encountered.
Thanks again for all your help -- we will recommend you to people going to Greece,
Clark & Susan

Received on Wed, 04 Dec. 2002

Dear Christina,
Thanks for your holiday wishes. We had such a wonderful trip to Greece, thanks in large part to you and your agency's fantastic attention to details and to satisfying our needs. You may quote me! We mentioned our trip in our holiday letter to friends and family and included a wonderful picture of the three of us overlooking one of Santorini's main harbors. We will recommend you and your agency to anyone wishing to travel to Greece, and we hope that some year soon we get back to your beautiful country. There's much more we'd love to see, and Bill and I would love to go to Santorini again on a romantic holiday. We pray there is no war next year, and that tourism is good for you and for Greece. Take care. Also, please give our regards to George Konstantopoulos, the wonderful driver who took us to and from the airport several times. We pray that his father is healthier and that he finally got away on vacation! Have fun with the Olympics!


Patty Gropp – Illinois, USA

Received on Tue, 03 Dec. 2002

Thank you for the note and the Christmas greetings. Please accept our best wishes for the holidays.
Your message gives me the opportunity to let you know how much we enjoyed our trip to Greece in November.
Our stay at the Herodion Hotel was very pleasant. It is a place to which we would definitely return. And we will recommend it to friends
Also, we could not be happier with our tour of Epidauros, Olympia, Delphi, and Meteora. We had the wonderful good fortune to have a "private" tour, as only one other couple accompanied us. The guide (Marianna Tsigaridis) was knowledgeable and friendly. The only problem occurred when the Chat Tours bus arrived at our hotel at 7:15 am to pick us up. We went on that bus because our name was on the driver's list -- he did not want to see the voucher. When we arrived at the Chat Tour terminal, we showed them our Key Tours voucher and were told that we were in the wrong place. The Key Tours bus arrived about 15 minutes later and we learned that the driver had arrived at our hotel about 5 minutes after we left with Chat Tours. We were very happy to be with Key Tours given the small size of the group and the excellent guide and driver.
Thank you for helping us arrange our visit to Greece. This was our first trip to your beautiful, friendly, and intriguing country. We will definitely return someday. When we do, we will certainly take advantage of the capable services offered by Dolphin Hellas -- and will let our friends know of your agency.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
--Jerry and Andrea

Received on Mon, 11 Nov. 2002

Eithela nas sas efharistiso yia tin eksepiretisi sas to perasmeno
kalokairi. To taxidi pigai para poli orea kai efharistithikamai tis
diakopes mas. Tha doso to onoma sas kai sai polous sinergates mou etho
stin ameriki. Ta leme to oipomeno kalokairi.

Thank You,

Spiro G. Vamvakas – USA

Received on Sun, 03 Nov. 2002

Dear Uli,

It has been three weeks now since we got back from the honeymoon and forgive me, but today is the first real chance I've had to actually sit down and get caught up with some personal items. I wanted to write this earlier, but there just was not time to do it justice.
You did a great job for us Uli! Everything was wonderful and Zeus must have listened when you asked for good weather too! Every element of our honeymoon was perfect.
Just a few highlights - Arriving in Athens, we were happily surprised to find that our room had a view of the Parthenon. The Porto Naxos which you recommended was very nice, and although it was the end of the season the staff was friendly and helpful. I would also recommend the Atlantis Villas to any of your future clients! The Rodos Palace was spectacular and so convenient to Rhodes. What a beautiful city! I would let people know that their pools are wonderful, but their beach is really for looks only, having lots of large rocks and little sand.
I don't have our pictures back yet otherwise I would include one here. We have literally hundreds of pictures from the two of us in front of the Parthenon, a potter inland on Naxos at his wheel, a sunset on the caldera at Santorini, and the two of us on donkeys at Lindos. But we are missing one picture that I wanted. I had hoped to stop in and see you on our last day in Athens and get our picture with you, but sadly I had the one meal which made me VERY sick the night before, and after the plane trip which wasn't bad but then followed by a 2 1/2 hour bus ride/metro ride/several block walk with our bags from the Athens airport to our hotel, I couldn't do more than lie down and hope to feel better. (Athens REALLY needs to get that metro finished to the airport! 30 euros for a taxi and 2+ hours no matter what way you go is hard on us tourists!)
I very much wanted to stop in that last day and say hello and thank you for your great work in person. I am sorry that I did not have the chance. Thank you Uli for all that you did to make our honeymoon something that we will never forget. Any recommendation I can give or anything else I can do for you just ask.


John Murdoch – USA

Received on Mon, 28 Oct. 2002

Dear Uli:

Maria and I wanted to send a quick note of gratitude for all of your help in arranging our trip to Crete and Santorini. We had a wonderful time on each island (and in our day in Athens). We truly appreciate your help -- and would be more than willing to serve as a reference for you in the future if you need to refer someone in our direction.


Michael Clayton – USA

Received on Mon, 21 Oct. 2002

Hello, Sofia -

My husband and I wish to thank you for all the arrangements you made for us on our recent trip to Greece in September. We had a wonderful time and enjoyed your beautiful country. Most of our time was spent on Santorini and Greece, and we know now that there is a great deal to see and explore on the mainland as well as the other islands. Our tickets did arrive by the courier in time and we were very happy. Thank you, Kiki, for checking on those arrangements for us.

Mary Beth and Brad

Received on Mon, 21 Oct. 2002

Dear Uli,

Thank you very much for arranging everything so perfectly. We had a very nice holiday thanks to that! The car was fine, the hotels were nice most of the time (the only hotel we did not like was the Museum hotel, but the receptionist there was, unlike everyone else, unfriendly and not interested). The hotel in Nafplio was very lovely, like the whole town; we liked it very much there. Also the Acropolis Select was very nice with very friendly receptionists and very well equipped, as was the hotel in Kalamata.
In Kalambaka it rained on sunday unfortunately, so we didn't have a view. On saturday afternoon it was very sunny, but because we had all day on sunday we relaxed and stayed in the town, so that was a pity. Is that why we had two nights over there? If so, you better mention that it can be bad whether over there, because then we would have visited Meteora on saturday afternoon. We made up for it by admiring the view on monday morning, before leaving for Athens.
Maybe a suggestion for your roundtrip: 1 night in Kalambaka and maybe the next day in Lake Ioaninna (I hope I spelled it right), before driving back to Athens; we arrived there in the afternoon, so that should be possible.
Anyway, we had a great time, everything was arranged perfectly, the cab from and to the hotel, your collegae that was waiting for us at the airport (only sorry that it wasn't you,it would have been nice to meet). We have already recommended your agency to several people, not only during our trip, but also here in Holland to some of our friends, so maybe in future you will get a booking from one of them.

Thanks again for your trouble.
With best regards,

Received on Sat, 19 Oct. 2002

Dear Ms. Pershchau,
My wife and I have been back in Seattle five days and we are missing Greece already. Our vacation was wonderful and we wanted to thank you for your excellent recommendations and prompt service. You live in a beautiful country that contains many friendly people. We will not hesitate to use you again when we next visit Greece.
With great appreciation,
Seattle, Washington

Received on Fri, 18 Oct. 2002

To Whom It May Concern:

I wanted to send a note to express my appreciation for the work that Esther (I do not know her last name, but she is in the Athens office) did in preparing our first visit to Athens, and two of the Cyclades Islands (Santorini and Naxos).

Our trip took place beginning August 30th, and I contacted Esther only six (6) weeks prior to that. Our trip was a 'spur of the moment' vacation, but I had to coordinate it with a larger family reunion that was taking place in Gythion. Not only did Esther attend to the smallest details perfectly, but she made excellent recommendations on hotels, travel sources, and island selection. Very professional and she overcame our concerns about a first-time visit.

As a result of her work, our accommodations and travel needs were met perfectly, the timetable was perfect, and we enjoyed a pleasurable and worry-free vacation, even on such short notice. I can assure you that we will be returning to Greece next year, and my hope is that Esther will be able to provide her excellent services to us once again.


J. Boutsikaris - USA

Received on Fri, 18 Oct. 2002

Hello Uli,

We've arrived home from our wonderful vacation in Greece and Turkey and are finally getting back into our routine again.
The travel arrangements that you booked for us worked out wonderfully and we very much enjoyed the little cruise, the touring in both Greece and Turkey, the wonderful food and of course, the people. We met some very nice people on the cruise and while we were touring and have very fond memories of warm weather to get us through a cold winter in Canada!
We only had one little snag and that had nothing to do with your wonderful work.
One of the cruise ship tours did not work out. Because we had prepaid for the tour through Dolphin Hellas, Royal Olympic issued us a voucher for a credit refund. I can either mail it to you for processing or send it by fax, or both. Please let me know which is best for you.
And again, Uli, we very much appreciate all your hard work and many e-mails as we worked out the details of our trip!

Best regards,

Received on Thu, 17 Oct. 2002

hi uli,
our flight back to ny was long and tiring but we're glad to be home after this long trip.
i wanted to thank you for all the planning that you did for our trip. it was wonderful. we had an unforgettable time in greece. unfortunately, we won't be able to visit greece in the coming few years because of 'family' obligations but we're thinking about visiting greece again on one of our wedding anniversaries down the road...and re-live the beautiful memories when we see the 2004 olympics on t.v.
i'm glad that aegean hotel didn't charge for the first night. that was very nice of them. you probably already know but i just wanted to let you know that the customer service at that hotel is extremely efficient and excellent! internal communication was outstanding making their follow up soooo smooth and effective. i used to work for marriott hotels and always strived to provide excellent service to our customers but it didn't always succeed with the number of staff at hand and lack of motivation of them. that hotel definitely rates number 1 in excellent service in my book.
rita at neoklassico was so friendly and warm that she made us feel comfortable and at home. she's a sweet heart.
uli, thanks again.


Received on Tue, 15 Oct. 2002

I've been meaning to write you since my return from Greece. Francisco and I wanted to thank you for the exceptional job you did in putting our trip through the Islands together.
I had e-mailed you only a week before our departure and in that incredibly short time you managed to pull together our accommodations and our transportation. We are both very impressed by your hard work and professionalism.
The hotels that you had selected for us - the Porto Veniziano (Chania), Lato (Heraklion), Philippion (Santorini) and especially the Mykonos Bay - were comfortable, clean and well located. The reserved seats on the catamarans and high speed ferry were perfect, the schedules just right.
We also appreciated having a local contact in each location. The only one we called was Efi in Santorini and she did a great job of getting us a car and setting up a daylong tour of the Caldera. Her attitude was very positive.
Thank you again for ensuring that our trip went off without a hitch.
Toronto, Canada

Received on Fri, 11 Oct. 2002

Sophia -
THANKS so much !!!
We just returned home to New York State and had a great honeymoon in Greece.
Your help with arrangements was super.
The overnight ferry to Corfu was a good idea - we arrived well rested and ready to explore (altho Patra was a bit intimidating at night with all the restless young boys ready to cause trouble!). The hotel in Pelekos was very nice (keep in mind for the future that everything there is in German - printed materials, tv, tourist info..) and we really enjoyed the entire island... Paleokastrista seemed like the best place to be on the island for folks interested in staying outside Corfu Town. Santorini was as beautiful as everyone says ! The Cosmopolitan is excellent (the best accommodations we had in all of Greece) and we fully endorse it. Your recommendation was great and we'd tell everyone to stay there. Thank you very much. We weren't crazy about the Hotel Adrian once back in Athens but it was
okay. the location is convenient but I think they have bed bugs :-)!
Again, we are very appreciative of all your help making our last minute arrangements.
You were efficient, friendly and insightful. Thanks.

Jill Casey & Richard Alexander – USA

Received on Tue, 08 Oct. 2002

I just wanted to send you a quick note and thank you for the organization of the trip. Everything went smoothly. The hotels were anticipating us, the tickets were valid for all transport, and we had no delays on any part of our trip.
Thanks again and we will be sure to use you for any future trip to Greece and to refer you to others.

Adam Beck – USA

Received on Sun, 06 Oct. 2002

Dear Esther,
We just returned home from our fantastic vacation. The hotels were all great with wonderful views from our balconies. Santorini was wonderful, the view of the Caldera exceptional. I wanted to thank you for all the arrangements you made for us. The packet with all our hotel and ferry information was waiting for us at our hotel in Athens and was wonderfully organized.
Thank you for all your efforts on our behalf. We had a great experience and will recommend you and your company to our friends.

Received on Sun, 29 Sep. 2002

Hello Christina,

I wanted to thank you for taking care of all our reservations for Greece. We had an absolute wonderful time! Having everything go so smoothly really helped make this trip such a success. Greece is everything we thought it would be!!
Thanks again, we will definitely use your travel services in the future.

Sharlynn & Andrew

Received on Wed, 25 Sep. 2002

Mrs. Hamosfakidou Aliki – Supervisor Dolphin-Hellas Travel 16 Singrou Athens, Greece
Mrs Hamosfakidou, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate your organization for the level of professionalism of your employees. I just came back from two weeks fantastic holidays in Greece and most of the credit should be given to Mrs. Christina Papagiannakou of your office who helped me with her recommendations in my travel arrangements, plus she made all the booking for most of my hotel rooms and flights to Santorini, etc… Everything was absolutely perfect. Dolphin-Hellas Travel and Tourism has given me a level of services I was not hoping to get.
Thank you and will be pleased to refer your group to any Quebec or Canadians planning a trip to Greece. Now I understand why It is important to deal with real professionals.
Thank you and I hope to be able to go back to Greece in the coming years and without hesitation you’ll be the first one I will ask to help me planning another trip.
Regards, from a pleased customer

Denis Labrecque
Quebec, Canada

Received on Mon, 23 Sep. 2002

Hello Uli,
Just a note to let you know that our vacation in Greece was EXCELLENT! The history, the archeology, the scenery of the islands, the food and drink, and, especially the friendliness of all the Greek people that we met made our trip a most memorable holiday.
And, a very large measure of the success of our trip was due to the excellent arrangements that you made for us. All the hotel and ferry arrangements went smoothly and perfectly ( I don't know if you look for feedback about the various hotels that you make arrangements for, but we could supply you with those kinds of comments, if you wanted them). I thank you for everything that you did for us.
We spent last Tuesday walking around Athens, and were surprised to notice that the Hotel Hera was so close to your offices. We wanted to stop in to your office to thank you in person, but, by the time we passed by your office, you were closed for the day. So, please accept this e-mail message as our heartfelt thanks and appreciation for all that you did for us. We could not have had such a good holiday without your help. We certainly want to return to Greece again, and I look forward to working with you again.
Thanks again, and take care,

Received on Wed, 18 Sep. 2002

Dear Uli,

We want to thank you for all your help in planning the perfect honeymoon in Greece! Everything went so smoothly and the accomodations were lovely. We couldn't have asked for a better trip and all of your suggestions came in handy. Santorini was our favorite island and we even took a boat ride to the volcano and swam in the hot springs while there. We will be happy to recommend your services to anyone we know who is traveling to Greece. We just had a wonderful trip and are already talking about returning in September of 2004 (after the Olympics). Thanks again!!

Alexandra & David

Received on Tue, 03 Sep. 2002

Dear Esther,
We had a marvelous time in Greece...
...and mostly thanks to you.
We very much appreciate your help with those little details which can sometimes be scary or annoying when travelling.
The Hotel Adrian was simple and excellent and the Plaka definitely the place to be for one's first trip to Greece.
The taxi drivers were a bit dodgy on occasion but we learned how to play the game and had fun doing it. I might suggest giving out a couple of pointers to future travelers but these taxi pitfalls(trying to drive in the wrong direction, trying to overcharge, etc.) are universal. The drivers who we set up in advance, george and associates, were tremendous on all regards. I would feel quite comfortable with a referral to them if I were you.
Again, overall a fantastic time. Your food is scrumptious, you have an incredible history to be proud of, and we've never seen water so BLUE.
We will be returning. We will probably skip the Olympics because that sounds insane. Olympia and Meteora perhaps. And Crete and Santorini of course. We definitely will appreciate your help upon return. Please let me know if you would like a testimonial. Our only regret is that we did not have the opportunity to meet you in person.

Dr. R. Christian - USA

Received on Sun, 25 Aug. 2002

Uli--sorry it has taken so long for me to be back in contact after our delightful trip to Greece way back in June. Once we left Greece, Joyce came on home to Florida, but I stayed in Europe where I accompanied 63 Florida college students during their 6 weeks study at Cambridge University in England.
So, just now back home and settling in, so I wanted to write to thank you for the preparation and arrangements that you helped us with for our trip to Greece in June. Our time in Athens and Hydra, plus all the day excursions (Mycenae, Epidaurus, Corinth, Delphi) were exactly as we had hoped it would be.
Perfect hotel location (Attalos) for our time in Athens. Hotel staff were friendly and helpful, and the central location was exactly right. The view of the Acropolis was spectacular.
All your plans (hotel transfers, excursions) were exactly as promised. I appreciate very much your patience throughout all the planning to answer all my unending questions.
We have fallen in love with Greece. We especially were enthralled by Hydra and Santorini. Now, when we go back, we want to do islands again, add Corfu and make our way to Meteora!
Thanks again for your help. Sorry for the delay in thanking you.
Everything was perfect.

Thanks, Ben and Joyce

Received on Wed, 14 Aug. 2002

Hi Uli:

Just a brief note of thanks to let you know that all went exceptionally well again this year with all the arrangements that you made for the 9 of us! We can't thank you enough for your efficiency and your genuine friendly concern.
In a country where schedules and other arrangements can often be an "adventure" it's truly comforting to know that we can always count on you.
As for next year we can only hope to make it back to Greece for the 5th year in a row. Time will tell.

With much appreciation,

D. Howard – Massachusetts, USA

Received on Tue, 13 Aug. 2002

Aliki, a couple of weeks ago you arranged for us to stay at the Neoklassiko Koukouli in Santorini. I just wanted to write and tell you what a wonderful experience we had.
First, the Neoklassiko Koukouli was WONDERFUL. Rita, who runs the hotel, was so charming and delightful. She could not have been more accommodating. And, the location was perfect.
Thank you so much for recommending it for us.
And, we were met by a terrific young woman, Luisa, who works with Bellonias Travel in Santorini. She was also so very, very helpful. She went out of her way to help us schedule a couple of tours of the island and in transportation back and forth from the airport. The trip would certainly have been less enjoyable without her help.
All in all, the trip was virtually perfect thanks to you, Neoklassiko Koukouli and Luisa. I have already recommended all of you to several of my friends.

Drury Bagwell – USA

Received on Mon, 12 Aug. 2002

Dear Uli--

This past May, Jackie and I visited Greece and came home filled with excitement and memories of many splendid encounters with the people, places, and histories of Greece.
Major factors in making our travel experiences so pleasant were the itinerary you helped us compile and, in turn, the very efficient manner in which you booked our hotels and travel arrangements. As you may remember, we moved in and out of Athens several times and pieced together side trips to Delphi, Santorini, and Napflion. All of the voucher details regarding hotel arrivals and departures were in place--and we are pleased to give testimony on the quality of services and facilities provided by the hotels.
Thank you, Uli, for your cordial professionalism. We appreciate your part in making our Greece travels so memorable.

Best Regards,

Gene Melander – USA

Received on Thu, 08 Aug. 2002


g'day from the crazy fowlers
we had a wonderful holiday thank you so much for all of your help sorry we had to make you go to the extra effort of the cancellations.
we would like to send you over a gift for all of your help, do you have pierced ears ?
we were thinking that something small but nice like earrings in an australian stone would be a gift that we could easily send via the post.
please let us know as we really would like to show our appreciation of your wonderful efforts.


Received on Thu, 08 Aug. 2002

Hi Uli!

I just wanted to thank you again for helping me have such a wonderful, beautiful trip to Greece this summer. I miss Naxos so very much. Have you ever traveled up in the mountains on that island? It's so unbelievably beautiful, quiet and peaceful there. I have photos of Naxos and the Acropolis hanging on the walls of my office and daydream about going back again. Martin and I are thinking maybe we'll return during the summer of 2004. I hope you're still around.
I love, love, love the Greek Islands! There is nothing like them in this world!

Talk with you later,

Received on Mon, 05 Aug. 2002

Hallo Uli,

Die tickets und vouchers habe ich empfangen und alles stimmt genauso wie wir alles vereinbart haben.
Vielen Vielen dank fuer den Perfekten Service.Ich wieder eure Agentur absolut weiter empfehelen.

Marc und Eveline Brand – Germany

Received on Tue, 30 Jul. 2002

Dear Esther,
Now that we are home, I wanted to send you a message to thank you for your help with our recent visit to Greece. Things could not have gone better. Hydra was as beautiful as we remembered it to be, and I would recommend Hotel Bratsera to anyone. We had a delightful trip up North to Meteora and over the mountains to Metsovo. We spent only one night in Portaria, and next time we visit Greece, we'd like to spend more time in Pelion -- the flowing water everywhere was unbelievable. The biggest challenge-adventure was trying to find our way back with the rental car to the drop off location near Syntagma sguare -- I've never seen so many motorbikes! Next time, I think we'll arrange to pick-up and drop off the car outside of Athens.
All of the connections , reservations and taxi transfers worked very smoothly, and we much appreciated all your arrangements and recommendations.
Thank you.
David W.
PS: You might want to add the Dionysos (spelling?) Restaurant, across from the Herod Atticus theater to your recommendations. What a spectacular view of the Parthenon we had for our last night in Athens!

Received on Tue, 30 Jul. 2002

I wanted to e-mail you to thank you for everything! The honeymoon was perfect, everything was great and went smoothly!
We enjoyed the tour (we were on Chat tours and stayed at the Amalia hotels which were beautiful, other people on the bus were with a different tour company and got put in awful hotels).
The Divani was fabuloous, the staff was first rate. All of our transfers and flights were seamless with little or no delays. We thoroughly enjoyed our time in Mykonos, and the Cavo Tagoo was a superb recommendation.
Ia, Santorini was beautiful, and Esperas was the most perfect hotel I ever stayed in! It was gorgeous and the staff was superb.
Thank you so much for all of your recommendations and help, you made our honeymoon truly memorable!
Jennifer and Royce

Received on Mon, 29 Jul. 2002

Dear Uli,

I just thought I'd write to say what a lovely time we had in your country - we didn't want to come home!
Thank you so much for all your help and information, everything went very well. When we reached Samos at 7.20 am, we found a taxi at the port taxi rank and were at our hotel by 7.40am and straight into our rooms. After breakfast we relaxed by the pool - luxury.
The staff were very friendly and there were clean sheets and towels every day - pity there was no air conditioning, but they gave us a fan when it reached 40 c.
We took the trip to Turkey and Ephesus with Rhenia travel - excellent! The coach trip to Ephesus was with Meander Travel with a very good tour guide.
Lesvos was a beautiful island and our hotel Akti in Molyvos (well, 2K away) was superb. Maria, who ran the hotel with her parents, spoke excellent English and was very helpful. I managed to converse in German with her father! It also had fantastic air conditioning in the rooms.
Molyvos had lots of superb restaurants, the ones on the harbour had a wide selection of fish and of course there were lots of shops to browse around.
Both ferry crossings were very comfortable - the NEL line Mytilene was huge.
So thanks again for making our holiday so successful and we look forward to dealing with you again in the future.

Best regards,

Received on Thu, 25 Jul. 2002

Dear Uli,
We are back home from our Greece vacation and wanted send our thanks to you for all of your assistance in making it a wonderful trip.
On a scale of 1 - 10, we have all rated it a 15!!
Everything worked out so smoothly - and Efi and Paula were so very nice and such help in Santorini and Mykonos.
It was wonderful having the transfers, airplane, high speed, etc. taken of and we would certainly recommend you, and your agency, to anyone planning to visit Greece.
I hope that we will be able to return, and we will certainly contact you to plan another memorable trip for us when the time comes.
We hope that you have a happy summer,and thank you once again for your assistance in planning our special vacation.

Mary and Bob Sherwood – USA

Received on Fri, 12 Jul. 2002

Dear Uli,

Thanks for your note of yesterday. I am glad everything worked out.
We got back a week ago and I have not forgotten those travel agents and receptionists in Greece who were so helpful to us. The smartest thing I did was take Matt Barrett's advice and work with a travel agent while in Greece. You did a fabulous job of setting us up in excellent hotels, your ideas of transportation worked very well and you gave us contacts on the islands that were most helpful. Your ability to make the necessary changes when my purse was stolen made it possible for us to continue on our trip with a stronger sense of confidence that it could be done. And it was. It was a great trip and we are already thinking about another.
I could not find an internet address for Porto Del Colombo, but I wanted to include my thanks to Rula who responded immediately to our plight and was so very kind. The immediate use of her telephone which worked well (unlike the ones in Piraeus), the delicious breakfast she provided and her gentle soul were most soothing to us. She handed me a welcome letter from Hana at Sbokos Tours in Heraklion which was invaluable to us a few days later. We found Hana and how fortunate we were! She managed to change our tickets just as you said she could, but not without special effort on her part. She personally escorted us to another travel agency where they were changed free of charge. She allowed us to leave our luggage at her agency so that we could go to Knossos Palace unencumbered. We will not forget her kindness and certainly will recommend her to anyone who goes to Crete.
This part of the story you probably do not know, but it once again shows the kindness and helpfulness of some of your contact people. On the night of June 13 we arrived at Hera Hotel. When the receptionist asked Ron for his passport, he realized with horror that he did not have it! When he had returned the key at Mykonos Bay Hotel and received his moneybelt from the receptionist, the passport was inadvertently not returned! We NEEDED that passport as we were leaving for Italy the very next day and we needed it to get me a new passport at the US Embassy the next morning. The Embassy will not issue a passport to someone who knows where their other one is, and we knew exactly where it was. Seeing our panic, the receptionist immediately contacted the hotel on Mykonos and persisted until a way was found to get it to Athens. There were no more boats from Mykonos, but there was a plane the next morning and it was on it. The plane and we arrived at 7:30 a.m. and by 9:30 we signed for it and we were on our way to the US Embassy with it safely in our hands. For the next three weeks of travel there were no more scary incidents and Ron always waited at the desk to get his passport back!
So you see, we have much to be grateful to you and your contacts for. I will tell everyone the importance of having a travel agent in Greece and I certainly will advise people about all the excellent hotels and services which can be provided for them through you. If any of you ever come to Fort Collins, Colorado I hope that I could provide some of the same in return. I would certainly try!
Best wishes to Greece in preparing for the Olympics. We shall watch with great interest!


Received on Fri, 12 Jul. 2002

Esther, I wanted to send you an email at the end of our trip to thank you for arranging a wonderful vacation for us. We all had an incredible experience visiting Greece.
All of the accommodations were different in nature yet very acceptable for our needs. We especially enjoyed the Hotel Santa Marina on Crete, it was a very beautiful Hotel and we very much enjoyed our stay there.
Having a rental car on the islands was great, we travelled each day and tried to visit as many places as we could in the time we had. We did have to upgrade our car on Rhodes, to include air conditioning, as it was incredibly hot there compared to what we are used to in Canada, but that was no problem to do.
Trying to find a place at times to park was an experience but in a few days we figured out a plan and it seemed to work out. Sue and I both lived in Europe for a few years so once we remembered the differences between Europe and Canada we made out pretty good.
Once again thank you from all of us we had a great trip, if we have the chance to visit Greece again in the future we'll be sure to contact you.

Received on Mon, 08 Jul. 2002

Thank you again for all of your help with our honeymoon travel plans. We had a wonderful time on the islands and the hotel in Santorini was lovely.
We don't know what we would have done without your help! Now that we are back, we are trying to tie up loose ends (and pay bills)and are hoping you could summarize the charges of our trip for us, as there were several changes.
Thanks again for your assistance and I hope that your summer is becoming less hectic.
Warm regards,
Christina and Dave

Received on Sun, 07 Jul. 2002

Hi Uli,

Just to let you know that we arrived back in Montreal and all is well. We had a terrific time in Greece and we wanted to thank you for all your help. You were instrumental in keeping our vacation on track and worry free.
Sorting out our dilemma resulting from the ferry strike was fantastic and certainly something that a Canadian travel agent could never have done under the circumstances we faced. It all worked out great.

Thank-you again.

Received on Sat, 06 Jul. 2002


Well we are back in the United States and would like to thank you for your assistance in planning a wonderful vacation. We had a great time and cannot wait to return. We would especially like to thank you for arranging alternate travel plans during the Olympic Air strike. We would also like to thank you for your recommended hotels. The Acropolis Select was excellent. A very good location and very nice rooms. We had a lovely view of the Acropolis. I would highly recommend it.
We also liked the Tzekos Villas. They have a fabulous location on Santorini but they need to do some updating. Our room had a number defects including plumbing that was repaired with tape, a ripped bedspread, a radio that did not work and the towels and bath matt were worn. There ad also states that there is a pool bar but that was not in operation. I would still recommend this place because of its isolated location yet it is only a few steps from the hussle and bussle of the city. Generally the quality was a bit disappointing for a class A hotel. It was not even in the league with Cavo Tagoo.
The Cavo Tagoo was magnificent. Excellent service and a great facility. I would highly recommend it! The staff was the friendliest we encountered anywhere in Greece and the breakfast was excellent.
Our tour of ancient Greece with Key Tours was nice but due to the fact that there were only six people we were bumped up from tourist class to first class hotels in Olympia and Delphi. These were very poor quality and not nearly as nice as the tourist class hotels we had booked. We went and looked at the hotels we had booked and they were much nicer. Our tour guide Effie even lied to us and said the hotel we were booked in was under rennovation but it was not. The hotel in Delphi was particularly terrible. The room was dirty and in need of repair. The hotels also included dinner but after the first night of poor food we decided to go into the city for dinner on our own. I was also disappointed with the pushiness of our tour guide when we were taken to shops to purchase souvenires. I must say our hotel in Kalambaka which was the one we booked (tourist class) was wonderful. Very clean. I am glad we took the tour but would much rather have been able to stay in the tourist class hotels we had booked which were much nicer and more centrally located.
In case you would like to pass along information to other tourists I would like to recommend a couple of restaurants that we were particularly fond of during our stay.
Athens-Symbosia _Excellent service and lovely outdoor dinning. Higher end cost wise but worth it
Plaka-Sholarhio Ouzeri Kouklis-Delightful mezedes and nice family service. Food was delicious and fun.
Delphi-Taverna Vakchos-Fabulous view and very good food
Santorini- Sphinx-a higher end price but great view and good continental cuisine
Argo-Great service and excellent food.
Mykonos-Venezia-The waiters are very funny and friendly they make sure you have a great dinning experience.
I would also like to mention that both our assistants on Santorini and Mykonos were very good but Paula on Mykonos was fantastic.
I also wanted to ask if you would happen to know of a travel agent in Italy. We are planning a trip and would like to work with a local travel agent. Would you know of any?
Once again thank you for all of your assistance. We had a marvelous time and we will definately recommend you to anyone traveling to Greece and will contact you when we return which will not be soon enough.

Thanks Again!

Richard Nimke – USA

Received on Sat, 06 Jul. 2002

Dear Kiki-- I have been back in San Francisco for a couple weeks friend Christine and I went to Santorini for a few days after the group departed, and that was a great way to relax after all the travelling. I want to thank you again for your great work in helping us put the trip together..your organizational skills, patience, and kindness were invaluable! If you ever come to the Bay Area, please let me be of assistance. Please say "Hi" to Christos.
Best Regards, Kay

Received on Mon, 01 Jul. 2002

Thanks, Aliki. We could not have had a better trip. We are so grateful to you for all the arrangements, particularly for rescuing
what might have been a disaster during the strike. We can't wait to come back, so we'll hope to work with you again.

Karen O'Neil – USA

Received on Fri, 28 Jun. 2002

Dear Ms. Perschau,

I wanted to thank you very much for your excellent service in connection with our trip to Greece. All the bookings were just as you stated they would be, and your advice as to hotels and methods of transport was excellent. I was taken by surprise with the Greek transport strike, but you alerted us to that at the hotel and made alternative bookings for us, so that our trip was hardly disrupted at all.
I am a partner in an international law firm, so I do a fair bit of travel, both domestic and international. I can safely say that in all my travels to date, I have never experienced such professional service from a travel agent. Thank you again for your assistance.

Best regards,


Received on Tue, 25 Jun. 2002

Dear Aliki, I want to thank you for the superior service you have provided.
I and my daughter were very impressed with your hard work to make our trip worry free. We had a very wonderful and restful vacation that we will never forget. When we returned home my 19 year old daughter was telling her friends what a "cool" travel agent you were, and how you were so " on top of things" and that if anyone ever travels to Greece that should definitely use you for reservations and arrangements for their trip. I will definitely recommend you for anyone planning to travel to Greece and will contact you when we travel to Greece as a family. Thank you again.

Yakira Leevan – USA

Received on Tue, 25 Jun. 2002

To: Aliki Hamosfakidou (Mrs)
Kiki Zikou (Ms)

Dear Aliki and Kiki,

We have had a wonderful visit in your country. Thank you very much for all the arrangements you made for us. We enjoy our stay very much.
We all agree that Greece is a very good tourist destination for the Chinese because of its ancient culture, beautiful weather and nice people... Surely we'll see you soon!

Kind regards.

Yu Lie
Chen Huarong

Received on Wed, 19 Jun. 2002

Aloha from Dolphinville!

Hi Aliki, I stooped by your office twice on Monday, June 10, but alas, no one was around. Looks like we'll have to wait until you come to Hawaii and the Big Island to meet. I just wanted to thank you for your help and arrangements. Everything went smoothly and we were given nice rooms the first time out with each hotel while the traveling arrangements were very good. I especially appreciated the notice of the earlier flight from Rhodes - even if it did mean getting up that much earlier to pack :-( The only challenge I faced was driving through Athens during rush hour on June 4th. It was a nightmare from the airport when the expressway stopped and I hadn't a clue where to go. Finally stopped at a Shell station and a kind person had me follow him to the new highway north of the city as it went by the new construction of the Olympic village for 2004. I pity all the Americans who may be facing Athens for the first time in rented cars. I doubt they'll be ready for the narrow streets and breakneck speeds of cars and motorbikes. Whew! I was happy to get through and out the other side while through some miracle I was able to find my way back to the Herodion and find a parking space directly across from the entrance on Sunday, June 9. The angels were surely looking out for us. In retrospect: Santorini was most romantic; Crete the most interesting; Rhodes the most fun; Delphi the most spiritual; Olympia the most enlightening and Athens the most bizarre and wonderful. The drives through the mountains and seeing herds of goats and sheep was so picturesque and charming. We were treated very well wherever we went and look forward to returning one day. Do let me know of your plans to come to Hawaii and if you are interested in my arranging a special boat trip to be with my fine flippered friends -- the Hawaiian Dolphins. Until then, Be Well and Swim Free,

Douglas Webster ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Enter the dolphin|MATRIX

Received on Tue, 18 Jun. 2002

Dear Uli,

I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for all the work you did on our trip. It was amazing. In the end, we were happy that the cruise was canceled as the plans you made for us were much more relaxing. We particularly loved the Anteliz in is one of the most beautiful spots I have ever seen. Marianna the proprietor was wonderful.
Rhodes too was very enjoyable and the location of the Phillipos perfect. I couldn't have asked for a better vacation. One very minor improvement (which I realize would have been difficult in such short notice- but may be helpful for future travelers) is to have transfers arranged from ferry to hotel in Mykonos and Santorini as it is very difficult to find cabs there. Rhodes and Athens were no problem.
I look forward to having you schedule my visits in the future and I will recommend people I know to use your services.
Thanks again. All your hard work is much appreciated.

Received on Wed, 12 Jun. 2002

Dear Kostas,
What a wonderful trip we had! Thank you so very much for all of your help. I sorry I didn't get to meet you in person.
We stayed in Mykonos for four nights we loved it so much! We went to Delos for an unbelievable day and we had an English speaking very educated Greek Girl. She did a fantastic job to make the history interesting and easy to follow. We then went to Paros for two days one night and liked it very much. We rented scooters on both Mykonos, and Paros, so fun, "Crazy American Woman". We own one at home so I knew how to drive but the traffic is very different from in the USA Then we went to Naxos and found a lovely studio for 20 E. a night just off the beach and with a balcony and view, so we stayed two nights there and went into Naxos Town to the Castle and Museum. Layed on the beaches a lot and swam in your beautiful seas. Took the ferry back from Naxos to Pireaus, 6 hours, and when we arrived we could not secure a taxi to the Fenix Hotel, no one would take us, so we jumped on a city bus, and made our way to the Hotel.
It was all so wonderful, the Greek people are so kind and helpful and very interesting. I love the passion with which so many of the people we meet speak. The food was wonderful too and I bought a cook book and went to the market immediately when we returned home. I must return one day when I can afford it again.
Thanks again,

Marilyn Freeman – USA

Received on Wed, 12 Jun. 2002

Dear Uli,

Thank you for the excellent places you found for us. Each is so unique and yet offers us just what we have needed. They are all lovely. I know that I will be advertising for you when I get back to the states. I cannot tell you how grateful I am.
In spite of the incident, we are really pleased with our itinerary. Most people wouldn't do an island in a day like we do, but we just had to see as much as we could. The islands are delightful, we have found internet cafes (and kids from our home state and familiar with friends of ours, how fun).
All the travel arrangements have worked out well. LOVED the flight from Crete to Rhodes. What quality! Tomorrow we have tickets on the CAT for Athens as planned and it seems the weather should cooperate so we can get to the US Embassy. Things are going to work. Overall, I think the adjustments we have made with you in the past couple of weeks have made our vacation even better than we could have planned with the cruise and Turkey. So all things have a way of working out nicely. Rula (?) receptionist at Porto Del Columbo was a gem, handing over the phone the way she did. The receptionists at all your hotels deserve our thanks and gratitude.

Thanks again.
Linda and Ron

Received on Wed, 12 Jun. 2002


Thank you for doing such a great job planning our trip. I was one of the 8 people in the Judy Yip party. (16/05/02-26/05/02). You couldn't have done a better job. Everything went according to schedule. I was very impressed the taxi drivers waited as long as they did for us that first day at the Athens airport when we were trying to sort out a misplaced passport problem one of our friends was having at customs. I was even more impressed at the helpfulness of the taxi driver in helping us locate a place to get a passport picture developed for an emergency application before the embassy closes for the weekend. I know we called your office several times that day for assistance and to help us track down our friends. My apologies for any inconvenience we may have caused and my gratitude for the help you provided. The taxis were always there on time to meet us at the airport. And at our hotels to take us back to the airport for our departures to other Greek islands or back home. Missing our flight was never a concern.
You were able to offer this fantastic service and at a terrific price. Easily beating a quote we received from another travel agency.
I've already recommended you to friends who are planning to visit your beautiful country later this year.

T. F.

Received on Thu, 06 Jun. 2002

Dear Aliki,
Thanks so much for all your help and for finding us such a wonderful driver (for the day to Delfi) as Giorgos Constantopoulos.
Please say hello to him for me and ask him if he liked the music CD of latin jazz I gave him to deliver for me.
Congratulations on your recent marriage, also.

Sincerely and with thanks,

Christine Lorenz – USA

Received on Tue, 04 Jun. 2002

I wanted you to know how much we appreciated the help a staff person provided to us on the afternoon of Tuesday April 30, 2002. Unfortunately I did not get her name. She displayed infinite patience and professional as we try to establish a realistic itinerary for the first part of our Grecian Holiday. She made the transportation bookings for us. We spent a most wonderful and memorable Easter on Naxos. We had an absolutely marvelous vacation in your beautiful country. Also you had been most responsive and helpful to an earlier email I had sent.
Thank you again and to the staff and if we are lucky enough to be able to make another trip to Greece I will most definitely call upon you and your expertise much earlier in our planning process.
I wish you all the best in all the travel activities related to the upcoming 2004 Olympics.

Gail Houston – USA

Received on Tue, 28 May 2002

Hi Esther:
This is just a short thank you for all the work you did in planning our vacation.
We had a wonderful time, all the hotels we picked were excellent. We especially loved Kouros Hotel in Mykonos.
All of the people we met in Greece were very nice and extremely helpful
Once again, thank you for all of your help in planning our first, and hopefully not our last, vacation in Greece.
We will definitely recommend Dolphin - Hellas to all of our friends if they plan on traveling to Greece.
Please pass on this email to your supervisor so that they are aware of the wonderful work you do
Thank you again
Gary and Sheri

Received on Tue, 21 May 2002

Dear Uli,

We have returned safe and sound from a wonderful trip. All of our accommodations were excellent. Santorini was beautiful, as always, and Crete was quite a spectacular place! My legs still hurt from the hike down the Samaria Gorge-I'll never do that again! The food was excellent at our hotels but I would not want to go again on a half board basis. I think you miss the ambiance of the tavernas and mingling with the people of Greece. In fact, a couple of times, we didn't eat at the hotel because it's basically the same night after
night. The breakfast hours at the Astra were great. You could have breakfast until 11 AM. At the Vantaris, breakfast was until 9:30 but they turned the lights off at 9:30 sharp and it was obvious they didn't want you lingering over a cup of coffee.
As before, your recommendations were great and everything went very smoothly. My husband's suitcase went to Amsterdam instead of Athens on our return flight from Crete but it arrived at the hotel a few minutes before we were to take a taxi to the airport for our flight home ): Because he had no clothes he got to buy (courtesy of Olympic Airlines) a nice new shirt on the Plaka.
Once again, thanks for all your assistance. I have recommended you to others and will contact you when we return to Greece again. My husband loved it and is ready to go back right now.


Received on Wed, 15 May 2002

We are killing time waiting to take a ferry boat to the next island. Using a computer in an Internet cafe.
We did Paros the last two days, then two days on Naxos, then Santorini (the best island, they say), then back to Athens on Sunday and home on Monday. Having a great time. Hotel bartender (last night) had spent 13 years in US; talked our heads off. We took a bus yesterday to another town on the same island; had lunch at an outdoor cafe. Everything here about half the cost of US. You can eat and drink pretty cheap. Discovered their dish, Souvlaki, is like shish-ke-bobs, and delicious. Had one made from swordfish yesterday.
Let us know if anything exciting happening back home. Michelle / Julie -- we may try to call you this afternoon. 11 PM our time is 4 PM your time. We were lucky -- adjusted to the time difference the first day, and been sleeping normal hours ever since.
This island was settled in 5,000 BC, if you can believe it! We are going to a museum next to check out the archaeological stuff. See ya!

P.S. -- Uli -- thanks for setting up everything for us. So far the trip has been perfect!

Received on Tue, 14 May 2002

Hello Uli,
I just wanted to take a moment to say Thank You!! We returned from Greece on Sunday and had an absolutely wonderful time. We had no trouble with any of our transfers, no lost luggage, pretty timely flights. All of the hotels were wonderful and we had fabulous service. My personal favorite was Tzekos Villas in Santorini. What a view we had from our room. We only wish that it had been a bit warmer but overall, it was great.
I just wanted to thank you for all of your help in planning this trip. We would have been lost without your help. Your recommendations were wonderful and we couldn't have had a better trip. If we have any friends that are headed your way, we will certainly recommend your services. You are very fortunate to live in such a beautiful place.
Best Regards,

Received on Mon, 13 May 2002

Dear Esther...........i just wanted to let you know that we had a really great vacation in greece and a great deal of it was because of all the work and arrangements you did for us!!!!!!!..........especially when you had to change our ferry tickets because they went on a one day strike!!!.....tell your boss (dennis??_) that i think you deserve a raise for all the work you do........!!
the hotels we stayed at were really great.......if it matters to anyone, i think the jason inn is much nicer than the attalos........high mill was fantastic, as was grotta villas in firastephani................we loved the porto columbo in chania, and loved crete in general!!!..........we had a wonderful time and everyone was so friendly and helpful to us......................if i know of anyone else who wants to come to greece, i'll be sure to recommend you!!!!!!!!!! was especially nice that we got to meet you in person ..............thanks Esther!!!!...........judy and tim

Received on Sun, 12 May 2002

Dear Esther,
We returned from Greece a week ago and I wanted to thank you for all of your assistance in making it a trip of a lifetime. We arrived at the Attalos where our package and vouchers were waiting for us and had absolutely no difficulty with any of our hotel arrangements, (other than finding the Acronafplia - a kind citizen alerted the manager that we were wandering around the streets and he came and found us.) The Attolos was wonderful, exactly as it was described, the view was great and the help from the staff when we were making arrangements for the airport was excellent. Our stay on Poros was great. We enjoyed our strolls to the town and the hospitality of the people. We have to admit that our favorite stop was Nafplia. We loved the old buildings, the syntagma, the harbour - even the 800+ steps up to Palamidi Fortress. We recommended the city to several people on our trip.
We recommended your travel agency to several people while we were on our trip - most of whom said that they were interested in contacting you.
Thank you once again for helping to make our trip as stress free as it turned out to be. Dealing with you through the internet, having all of our information at the hotel ready for us, and being able to stay at places that you obviously have a positive relationship with, made this a wonderful experience.
Marita and Russ
Fort McMurray, Alberta

Received on Mon, 29 Apr. 2002

Dear Esther,
We had a marvelous holiday in Greece - thanks again for your help !!
The hotels were very good - people were very friendly and hospitality was great !!
The car was in perfect condition !!
We will most certainly come back to Greece: visiting the North and some of the Islands !!
I will not hesitate to contact you again !!
Once again thanks for your help !!
Best regards

Received on Mon, 22 Apr. 2002


Ya Soo!

Just wanted to drop you a note and thank you for all the arrangements you made for us. We had a great time, and everything was wonderful. We ended up on the 9th floor of the Athens Plaza when we returned from the islands, and the rooms were great. All transfers were on time and very friendly. We love Greece! And our plans are to come back next year! The hotel Loucas was great. We even partied at Murphy's Bar with some of the hotel staff! The Leto is also a very nice hotel and very close to town, easy to "stumble back" from the

Thanks again!


Received on Thu, 18 Apr. 2002

Hello Esther!!
We had a fantastic time in Greece. Your country has SO MUCH to offer tourists. The people are friendly and helpful. Some of the best customer service we enjoyed came from foreigners working in your country. So altogether Greece and the people there are great for Americans and others who want a wonderful holiday. (Too bad the weather in the first 2 weeks was so cool.)
Thank you so much for your help and service throughout. Your friendly messages and voice on the telephone was a welcome addition to my travels!

Received on Mon, 15 Apr. 2002


Just wanted to write you a short note thanking you for your outstanding service provided to us for our family vacation. Everything was perfect.
The hotel Philipos was excellent and your package was waiting for us at the front desk. We particularly enjoyed the room on the 7th floor with a perfect view of the Parthenon. The location was great as well, and we spent our evenings in the Plaka dining and shopping. The tours arranged by you were outstanding as well. Key tours did a wonderful job. Very informative and fun. Our trip to Poros was priceless. The hotel and hydrofoil arrangements worked out great. We came by to see you at your office but unfortunately the office was closed.
Again, thanks so much. We all agree that this was one of our best family vacations ever. Your country of Greece is truely beautiful, and the people so warm. I can assure we will be back one day.

Best Wishes,

Received on Wed, 10 Apr. 2002

We have just returned to the UK after a wonderful couple of weeks in Greece and I send this note for two reasons:
1. To express our thanks for your service a couple of weeks ago, all the accommodation was great and varied, which was exactly as we required.
2. A bit of feedback for your information. The Olympia Palace was excellent, the rooms spotless and the breakfasts wonderful. Kapetanakos Tower was again a great experience, though a totally different class of accommodation and what a great part of Greece. The mezanine sleeping floor was a little dangerous for adults, let alone children and the breakfasts (at extra cost) were very strange but authentic. Finally the Acronafplia apartments were fabulous, my sister is already planning when to try them out. They were spotlessly clean and beautifully furnished and the location so near to the town centre was superb, maybe the only drawback was the lack of views from the balconies - all we could see were rooftops.
Finally the downside of your great service is that I will also tell my friends and relations, look out for some unusual requests.
Once again many thanks
David, Jackie, Claire, Ross & Emily

Received on Wed, 27 Mar. 2002

Hallo Esther,
wir sind nun schon wieder zurück und wir wollten uns nochmal bedanken für den schönen Aufenthalt in Griechenland dank Ihrer korrekten Buchungen und problemlosen Organisation.
Das Hotel in Athen war genau das Richtige, Zimmer und Frückstück alles o.k. und das Beste war die 4 Tages Tour zu den archeologischen Sites. Es war alles so gut organisiert, es war sehr interessant im Kreise von nur USA und Canadiern, die Hotels Spitze und der Guide hat sich viel Mühe gegeben. Als er erfuhr , daß wir Deutsche waren, meinte er, er könne auch etwas Deutsch und so hat er ab und zu in seinen Erläuterungen ein deutsches Wort fallen lassen für uns Außenseiter! Wir waren nur 17 Leute und es war ein sehr angenehmes Klima. Wir sind ja viele Kilometer gefahren ,so gebiergig hatte ich mir Griechenland gar nicht vorgestellt!
Das Wetter hatte auch mitgepielt, die Plaka haben wir im Faschingsrausch erlebt (die Folge war, daß man meinem Mann die Geldbörse gestohlen hat, in der sehr wenig Geld war, aber die Fahrerlaubnis!, es hat aber hier in Deutschland zum Glück keine größeren Problem gegeben).
Den Flohmarkt, die Museen, den Berg, wo man über Athen schauen kann und Piräus haben wir besucht.
Die Sightseeingtour war nicht so das Beste, es ist kein Preis-Leistungsverhältnis nach meiner Meinung.
Wir sind dann auch gleich auf der Acroplois geblieben und haben uns noch 2 weitere Stunden dort getummelt!
Insgesamt war es aber eine sehr schöne Reise, jeden Tag war volles Programm.
Nochmals vielen Dank für Ihre gute Organisation!
Ich werde Ihre Reisbüro auf jeden Fall weiter empfehlen!
Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Received on Mon, 11 Mar. 2002

Dear Uli,
Thank you very much for the bookings and your friendly and efficient service. You are upholding the reputation of your agency well.
Warm regards,

Received on Fri, 08 Mar. 2002

Hi Uli. I am getting that same feeling (i.e. that we don't need half the emails... but then it wouldn't be as much fun). It's been great communicating back and forth with you. :-) :-) :-) I have enjoyed our relationship and hopefully, I will be in touch in the future to plan more trips with you. Your responsiveness, knowledge and expertise and friendly approach has made the planning part of our vacation very enjoyable. I feel that I am in very good hands. Quite honestly, I was a little apprehensive at beginning of all this (i.e. planning and trusting my vacation over the internet) as I have never done this before. As a result of this excellent experience, I will definitely be telling my friends and associates about you and the fabulous service that you have provided. All the best Uli and hopefully we will meet, when we are in Greece. Have a great weekend.

With Best Regards,

Received on Thu, 07 Mar. 2002

Frank and I arrived home yesterday evening. I wanted to write you a note this morning and say "Thank You" for helping us to have such a blissful vacation! If there is anything I can do to return the favor, please let me know.
All the Best,

Received on Mon, 07 Jan. 2002

Thank you so much for your excellent explanation! It has been such a pleasure working with you and your company. Not only are you pleasant to work with, you are highly professional and always follow through. I think you prove that there's a real difference between "email travel" and "email with a travel agent." The personalized service, indepth knowledge, and commitment to your customers has been deeply appreciated. I look forward to both using you again and recommending you to others.

My thanks.