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Received on Mon, 18 Dec. 2006

Dear Chrissa,

What a wonderful surprise to receive your Christmas and New Year's wishes.
We extend these same wishes to you and your family and circle of friends.
We really enjoyed our trip to Greece this past summer. We saw many ancient sites and met many wonderful people in your great country. Our grandson's baptism was a joyful and blessed experience. We met many members of our daughter-in-laws extended family and they treated us like royalty. We hope to return some day and revisit those places that made a lasting impression on us. This coming year we are going to Rome, but the year after we may try to visit Greece again. We thank you again for your help in securing a place to stay in Nafpaktos. We had given up hope and weren't sure what we were going to do, or where we were going to be able to stay. It was a trip of a lifetime. I took 1000 photos and have them in two large albums to share with our friends and family in the US. We are hoping that the photos will entice some of them to go and visit your country as well.


Del & Mary Fischer – USA

Received on Thu, 23 Nov. 2006

Dear Uli

Just wanted to thank you for organising our trip, and to let you know we enjoyed it very much indeed.

From the minute we arrived in Athens and were greeted by a cute young man (our transfer driver), everything went smoothly and we had no problems at all. Even the weather was kind to us, we were so lucky to have lovely sunny, calm conditions. The boat was lovely and we met some nice people. Someone was always there to pick us up right on time. We would thoroughly recommend your company to anyone from here who wishes to do a similar trip.

Once again, thank you so much Uli.

Kind regards

J. Franks - USA

Received on Tue, 31 Oct. 2006

Dear Esther,

We have just arrived home after a very happy and memorable vacation in Greece.

I am writing to thank you for all the kind help you have so efficiently and tirelessly given to us. My wife and I are most appreciative.

Should any of my friends who wish to have a Greek holiday, I would recommend to them, without reservation, to contact you and your company.

My best regards,

Dr. S. CHAN – Hong Kong

Received on Sat, 28 Oct. 2006

Hello Aliki:
Our trip worked out very well and I thank you again for your help. I thought you might be interested in some feedback on our hotels.
Athens Cypria--great location, nice comfortable room with view of Acropolis from sixth floor room, good breakfast.
Castri, Delphi--not fancy but clean and with a nice view of the valley.
Hotel Bella, Selcuk, Turkey--A good choice near Ephesus. Lots of atmosphere and good food. Reasonably priced.
Hotel Nena, Istanbul--Excellent location and comfortable, similar to Athens Cypria. Very good view of Blue Mosque.
The Ira was an excellent choice. Great views and very friendly and helpful staff. They are closing now for renovations and will reopen next year.
I also forget to mention we stayed at the Hotel Latini in Nauplion and that also was very nice, recently renovated and near the harbor so parking is easy.
Overall I would recommend all our hotels, although the Castri is more at the budget level.
Best regards,

S. Beckwith - USA

Received on Sat, 28 Oct. 2006

Hi Uli,

We are back in Canada now and wanted to write and thank you for making the arrangements for our trip. Everything worked perfectly. It was nice to get off the ferry and see someone there holding up a sign with our name on it and then whisking us off to our hotel. All of the hotels were wonderful. We particularly enjoyed Esperas Villas in Santorini.

We are hoping that it won't be too many years before we can return to Greece. We had such a wonderful time.

Thanks again for your help.

J. & L. Vanstone - Canada

Received on Wed, 25 Oct. 2006

Dear Uli,
My husband and I have returned from Greece and I wanted to write and thank you for reserving our hotels, bus tour and flight to Santorini. We had a wonderful trip and loved everything about your beautiful and interesting country! The Adrian hotel in Plaka was perfect. The rooms were quiet, the view of the Acropolis from the roof top breakfast terrace was beautiful, and the personnel at the desk were extremely friendly and helpful. The view from our room at the Loucas Hotel in Santorini was breath taking. We would sit on our terrace and have a drink watching the sunset each evening. The breakfast there was very nice with the same great view. We received gracious service from the desk personel there as well, and some terrific restaurant recommendations. The Pandorosos hotel in Paros was also very nice. We could watch the ferries race into the harbor from our balcony. The desk personel related some of the local folklore to us.
We enjoyed the guide (Lea) on our Chat Bus tour. She was very interesting and knowledgeable. The sites were all very interesting . For some reason, we did the tour in reverse, starting with Meteora and ending with Corinth. This made for 3 long days on the bus with the attractions toward the end of the day. In Meteora we were so late, one of the monasteries closed early and we were only able to see one, instead of two monasteries, which was disappointing. The hotels Chat used were comfortable, we enjoyed swims in the pool at two of them, but the food was not good. The places Chat contracted with for lunch, the food was not good. We were disappointed that we were always taken out of town to sleep and for lunches, making it difficult to walk around the towns and explore. We are however, glad we did the tour, because we enjoyed the antiquities and we had a very nice group of people along.
Thank you again for your assistance. We hope to return to Greece soon, perhaps with our entire family!

S. Swanson - USA

Received on Mon, 23 Oct. 2006

Hi Aliki! I just wanted to say thank you for all your help so far with this trip! I can't thank you enough for all you have done especially with aroma suites. If we don't get a refund then that's fine I just couldn't stay there any longer. I just wanted to write you a little note to say thank you again for everything and I am sorry to bug you about the trouble we had but I also wanted to let you know it was appreciated!
Thanks again and we LOVE ATHENA SUITES!!!! What an improvement!!!!!!!!! Thanks again and we appreciate all you have done to make our honeymoon so wonderful! :)

J. & M. Roche - USA

Received on Sat, 21 Oct. 2006

Dear Alike:

Well, as you surmised, I never quite made it to visit you on my one free day in Athens (the 12th). I had only that day and was actually near Omonia Square but spent the time looking for a belt for our son (the only one I found that I really liked was a Donna Karan American one!!!!). I want to thank you again for all your good advice and will surely tell people how helpful you were. You were right about so much of your advice. Hydra instead of all Saronic Islands for example. We did make the half day narrated organized tour which was good and certainly better, for us anyway, than the #400 public bus, though that one could be a good option for some. You were also right about taking the 1st class lounge back from Syros. It was especially exciting as it was just after the storm so the waves were thrillingly beautiful without being too rough for comfort. One caveat, was the Delphi tour. We of course loved the site and were very glad we saw it. However, the lunch was almost insulting it was so cheap. One couple next to us drank a bottle of water and one beer each, and were given a bill of 17 euros as I recall. The food was almost inedible and the dessert was a basket of apples dropped on the middle of the table. The coffee break on the way was similarly exploitative. We know this is not your fault in any way, but perhaps customers should be alerted and the company informed. We met a couple who took the same trip to Delphi but used another company which apparently took them to the same coffee and lunch stops and this couple was similarly offended. However, dear Aliki, I want you to know that we were so happy to have seen all the sites you recommended and we very much appreciated your kind attention and consideration for us. My husband did great. He went on all the sites.

With best wishes….and hoping that next time I’ll get to meet you, or perhaps in New York….


J. & E. B. Haggerty - USA

Received on Mon, 16 Oct. 2006

I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful time we had on Santorini - I'm SO glad we were persuaded to continue on after my accident. I had some pain and discomfort, especially at night, but it didn't really stop us from getting around. And the trip was SO good for Maurice. He needed some complete rest and relaxation, and he got it, just sitting in the lounge chair sipping wine and watches the boats come and go.

All the arrangements you made for us worked perfectly, and I am a firm believer now in making arrangements with a local travel agent. You can believe I will recommend you to anyone who asks me about the trip!

I do feel that the ferry company was negligent in their handling of my accident, and also in their lack of warning signs at the doors on the boat. It was incredible that they had nothing in the way of first aid, not even an aspirin. I was lucky that a doctor happened to be travelling on the ship, because the stewards were totally useless.

I continue to recover pretty well, and have an appointment with my own doctor on Tuesday. After that, I will probably start physical therapy.

Even with the accident, it was a dream vacation! Thank you for everything you did to help make it that way. I hope that someday we can go back.

K. Coulter - USA

Received on Tue, 10 Oct. 2006

Dear Uli,
We are now back home in San Clemente, CA. The 4-day Cruise was very enjoyable and the shore excursions were experiences we will not forget.
Thank you for arranging the hotel accommodation for our 3 extra days in Athens.

V. Reyes - USA

Received on Mon, 02 Oct. 2006

Hi Uli (and Matt),

We wanted to thank you both for all the help you provided us on our trip.

We ‘discovered’ Uli while reading the recommendations and testimonials on Matt’s website, which proved invaluable in planning our honeymoon. It helped us decide where to go, what to do and, of course, what to eat!

Uli was fantastic! She was so responsive and helpful with all the questions we had and the few issues we ran into. We would’ve been lost had we not had her help.

So, thank you both for making our honeymoon a fantastic experience. Believe us when we say “we’ll be back”!


Ray and Jorielle Bautista – USA

Received on Mon, 02 Oct. 2006

Hi Aliki,

Long time no speak- I hope all is well! My apologies for not writing soon - things have been crazy - but I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for all of your help in planning our trip to Greece!!

We had such an amazing time and your services were FLAWLESS. Every part of our trip that you planned was perfectly scheduled, on-time, and reliable....from the taxis to the ferries and more. We had a representative waiting for us as soon as we arrived at every location which made the trip free of stress and headaches! I never would have been able to do this planning on my own and we are so grateful. Hopefully when we return to Greece in the future, we will be able to work together again.

I've attached a couple of pictures of my boyfriend and I in Santorini. Thank you again for all of your support and assistance. I will be sure to highly recommend your services to anyone I know that will be traveling to Greece.

With the warmest regards,

Lauren Grande – USA

Received on Sun, 01 Oct. 2006


I had a great time touring with Key Tours while I was in Greece the past 2 weeks.

Their busses are very comfortable, their drivers are very skilled, and their tour guides give excellent descriptions of the history and archaeology of all the sites visited. My tour guides were Ellenie, the older lady, for the 5 day tour, and Irenie for the Sounio tour (the one who also sings professionally), and another Irenie for the Athens Acropolis tour. They were all excellent.

The hotels that they put us into were quite good as well.

Thank you for setting me up on these tours.

I will go back to Greece in June 2007, and so I will speak to you again then about more tours.

Thank you for all of your help during my trip to Athens!

K. Schubert
San Francisco CALIF USA

Received on Fri, 08 Sep. 2006

As I said, “perfection.” Your mother did a wonderful job. And…..I’m also “touched and impressed.” In my fifty two years of traveling, since I was 16 (don’t count) , I’ve never “met” someone in the travel business like you.

I hope I can get my act together by next week. I still need you. But not to worry…at some point, it’s enough. It’s only that this is the first time that my husband is so slowed down like this and then on top of that, Greece is a special challenge. I look forward to thanking you in person.

Thank you.

J. Haggerty - USA

Received on Tue, 05 Sep. 2006


Just wanted to let you know Alex and I had a great time in the Greek Islands. It was definitely a good idea to add in Paros to our trip. The best beach we went to was in Paros, Santa Maria beach. The hotel you booked for us was pretty nice and also near a nice beach. The ferries worked out well, but like you said they were always late but not drastically. The only thing I would add was that it was difficult to get around in Paros at night, unlike Mykonos and Ios where they have buses. I think if I ever go to Paros again I would probably stay closer to Naoussa but otherwise we had a good time.

Thanks for all of your help!

M. Jeshiva – USA

Received on Wed, 23 Aug. 2006

Hello Uli,

I want to thank you for setting everything up. The Ferry worked out very well and Margaritha's house was very nice.

Thanks and maybe till next year

Best regards

H. van der Meer and Family – The Netherlands

Received on Sun, 20 Aug. 2006

Dear Esther -

We just returned from Greece yesterday and wanted to contact you first thing and thank you immensely for the AMAZING trip you put together for us. It was hectic as we knew it would be, but we saw everything we wanted to and will come back for greater lengths in future years. It was like a sampling tour! The Avance Car company was SOOO helpful as they picked us up a couple times while lost in Athens and helped us get to the hotel or port - so kind of them. All the accommodations were more than adequate. I'm recommending you to all our friends.

Thanks again -

J. Moermond - UK

Received on Fri, 18 Aug. 2006

Hi Aliki,

Greetings from Hong Kong. Hope you have a nice vacation week.

Just a word of appreciation to your assistance in arranging the hotel rooms and car. We enjoyed Greece and her people very much. As a token of appreciation, we have left a little gift for you at the counter of Jason Prime Hotel.
Hope you like it.

Best wishes,

V. Wan – Hong Kong

Received on Wed, 16 Aug. 2006

Hi Kostas

Many thanks for your help with ferry bookings, I have now returned from Greece and had a lovely time. Thank you for organising delivery to my hotel.

M. Delle Vergin - Australia

Received on Thu, 03 Aug. 2006

Hi Kostas,
Just want to let you know that we had a wonderful time on the cruise.
The room was really lovely and roomy.
Disappointed we could not meet up with you but we were on the go all the time.
Maybe next time we will leave extra time in Athens.
Thank you again for organising everything and if we need anymore travel plans I will contact you.
If I know anyone who needs travel I will recommend them to you.
Kind Regards

Y. Proskefalas - Australia

Received on Wed, 02 Aug. 2006

Dear Aliki,

I just wanted to tell you that we had a very lovely time in Greece and want to thank you for all of your help in making the arrangements for us. Everything went according to the way it was planned. The car we rented was a good choice for us and we had a pleasant experience on our driving trip. And we even got to visit my cousin John Fotopoulos in Argos!

Here is some feedback that might help you in planning trips for others. (This is just some inside information to help you with your job.):

1) I would NOT recommend the Eltheon Apartments in Santorini to others.

We had a good location and adequate space but the place is not being kept up very well. There is just an elderly couple that run the place day-to-day and they do not really care if you or satisfied or not. They were very pleasant people, however, they are not in any position to help you if you have a problem.

On the outside it looks nice and the pool is clean and pleasant. But the rooms are not cleaned as well as they should be, the kitchen area was unusable in the state it was in, and the bathroom REALLY needs to be updated. The bathroom was very unpleasant - with rusted plumbing and dirty, moldy corners. The first day I knocked off a porcelain soap dish in the shower area by just touching it lightly; the back was so rusty that it just broke off the tile and shattered on the ground. Even the metal pieces shattered because they were so corroded and rusty! This gives you a feel for the place. Still we managed to have a nice time in Santorini.

2) I would definitely recommend the Hotel Ippolyti in Nafplion to others. It was a beautiful place and a wonderful location behind the harbor area on a pedestrian-only street. It is very well maintained, clean, and the people were very pleasant. Even the little swimming pool and surrounding courtyard were like a small oasis.

3) I would also recommend the Hotel Pelops in Olympia to others. This was definitely a good choice for us. Again, great location, clean and wonderful people running the facility (family-owned and operated). They let me use their internet connection in their front office when I asked them where I could find an Internet Cafe to do my work. In general, the town of Olympia was wonderful and we were sorry we had not planned to stay another night.

4) We were also sorry we had not planned to stay overnight in Delphi (or the town just before it). It was beautiful up there and the drive to Olympia later seemed to rushed to enjoy the beautiful ride. Athens to Delphi to Olympia was okay, but we should have taken an extra day for this part of the trip.

5) We found out that Ossios Loukas is closed in the afternoon. We stopped to have lunch and then went to the monastery. Had we known it closes in the afternoon (2-4 pm??) we would have changed our plans. We were disappointed. So, if any of your clients plan on visiting this monastery (or others), let them know that they should check the hours ahead of time.

6) We found out we needed/wanted to rent a car once we got to Santorini and looked around us! We arranged to get an automatic car for three days from Halaris Car Rental in Firostefani. They were very accommodating for our needs and brought the car to Imerovigli for us. On the last day my husband picked Mr. Halaris up on the way to the harbor so he could drive his car back AFTER we were dropped off. Otherwise, it would be difficult to get to this out-of-the-way harbor they have built. Very nice people! I don't know who you use for car rentals in Santorini, but you should look into doing some business with these folks.

7) Hotel Cypria was nice, too although they did not have any "room with view" as promised when we got there and didn't know anything about it, either. We were in the newer part with two adjoining rooms and were very comfortable. When the "room with view" became available and I took a look, I realized we were much better off in the rooms we already had. The older part is smoky and tired-looking.

8) I hope you do not send your clients to the Minoa Palace Hotel in the area east of Iraklion. Because of a booking error, there was no room available for us at the Arina Sand Hotel were we stayed for 3 weeks. So, we were sent to the Minoa Palace for 1 night. It was the only uncomfortable and unpleasant experience of the entire trip! What made it worse was the staff and management were also extremely poor in their customer service skills. No airconditioning in our room, sweltering in the middle of the night, had to move ourselves to another room (with cot mattress, luggage, etc), and then found out later that there was no effective airconditioning in the second room either. Manager told us nothing could be done because they were a big chain and we had already paid. We could not understand this total lack of regard for our legitimate complaints.

Thanks again for all your help,


E. T. Karapas - USA

Received on Wed, 02 Aug. 2006

Hello, Kostas,
This is just to express my appreciation for your outstanding service. With only one minor exception, all of your recommendations were excellent, and our trip went very smoothly, thanks to you.
The only exception was the PAN hotel in Athens. Although the staff was very friendly, and the location was superb, I would not classify it as a 2-star establishment. Rather, it should be either one or zero stars. Specifically, the bedspread (first overnight) the curtains and the rugs were dirty. It was not pleasantly clean.
My only other comment is that it has never been clear why the Thessaloníki - Istanbul to and from trips cost were so much different in price. It had nothing to do with visas, because, when we entered Turkey, we had to pay the border guard for the appropriate passport stamps. By the way, the repeated hassles at the border were very disturbing, and they ruined good nights sleep in both directions. Because of those aggravations, I would not recommend that trip to anyone -- it was not at all romantic.
Thanks again,

L. Guth - USA

Received on Mon, 31 Jul. 2006


Jim and I would like to thank you for working with us to plan and book our Vacation. We had a great time and loved every place we stayed. We also loved the tours we took to Corinth and Delphi. You were great in every way and really helped to make our time together special. Thank you so much for working with us on all the last minute details / bookings / and changes. We really appreciate your flexibility and your professionalism. You really helped to make our vacation the best we have ever had. We THANK YOU most sincerely.

Best Regards,

J. & J. Danna - USA

Received on Wed, 19 Jul. 2006

Dear Aliki,

I am writing now to thank you personally for taking such excellent care of the above group. The week in Greece was a wonderful success - the group overall enjoyed the experience extremely well. It was a very different experience from any other tour which they had so in this way it was very interesting particularly Corinth and Delphi.

The guide which you selected for them was excellent - everyone was so happy with her. Please let her know that she was very much appreciated by the group.
Warmest regards and I hope we will meet in person in the not too distant future.

Patricia - MAP Travel – Ireland

Received on Thu, 13 Jul. 2006

Dear Kiki,
This E-mail cannot express my gratitude and the appreciation of our group for all of your help. Without you, we would not have had the trip that we did.
Your part of our tour started everything on a positive note.
Also, Panos turned out to be a very good driver and the people loved him.
But they could not decide if he looked like a young Sean Connery or George Clooney.
Again, thanks loads.
Your friends from California,

Ray, Jutta, and our Bus Load of Travelers

Received on Thu, 13 Jul. 2006

Dear Uli,

I am so sorry that this is so late, but we wanted to thank you so much for helping with our trip to Greece. We absolutely loved the country and we are already planning a 3-week trip for April/May 2008 (so we will be emailing you again in about a year for help with that one!). I posted about our wonderful experience with Dolphin-Hellas on Fodors.

Thanks again, and we will be in touch next summer for our 2008 trip!

Best regards,

J. Briesch - USA

Received on Wed, 12 Jul. 2006

Kostas -I wanted to let you know that our experiences in Greece and on the cruise were marvelous. We had a wonderful time. The hotel Herodion was great, and the Ocean Monarch was delightful. We learned a great deal on our excursions, mostly that we will have to come back to see more. Thank you again for all you help-

J. Kornfeld - USA

Received on Wed, 12 Jul. 2006

Dear Aliki,
Another great trip! Everything you did was perfect.

I have a few comments to make 0nly because this is your business and if it were me I would want to know,

1. When we arrived in Sifnos we did not see your agent. We waited and waited , but she did not stay to see if anyone was left waiting at the dock . What was more interesting was that the office was actually a 2 minute walk from the dock, so it would not have been a major task. We found out there are only 10 taxis on the entire island , thus we think the taxi she sent was full and continued on its way. We had to wait for the next taxi, which was really not a problem. The problem was more the lack of communication and courtesy to tell us and possibly offer us a drink while we waited.

2. We loved the hotel in Sifnos. The rooms were truly lovely. It was actually closer to the beach than the other one you recommended, which was on the beach. That other hotel was on a hill- thus a great view from your room, but there was no beach below it. You had to go down the steps and then walk a bit to the beach that you could sit on. The food in Sifnos is not as good as on the islands we stayed at last year, which I think is more important to the Americans.
Sifnos is beautiful, the people are wonderful, and it was soooo relaxing. We loved the island. The food was a problem for my husband.

3.Crete was very commercial. The hotel was magnificent ,a true 5 star hotel in terms of looks, view, rooms , view, and location. The service needs a lot of help. The help was not knowledgeable, poorly trained, and not attentive. This should be so for the prices and the reputation of the hotel. We had better service at the hotel in Sifnos.

4. Thank you for the restaurant in Athens on our last night. It was a treat to eat in the suburbs.

My comments did not deter us in the least from a most wonderful vacation. I am only stating the above to forward information to you as you have personally not been to these places.

Until next year. We can't wait.!

Thank you again so kindly for all the work and time you gave to our trip to make it so special for us.

Very Fondly,

K. Milberg - USA

Received on Sun, 09 Jul. 2006


... I just want you to know how much I appreciate all you did to make our Greece trip even better than the last one. People cannot believe that we did what all we did. I tell them we could not have done it without your guidance. You are fantastic. Many thanks and I hope that if ever you come to the USA that you’ll use our personal services in return. We’d love to show you around and get you good advice on where to go and what to see. We are in love with your country.

Enjoy the rest of your summer,

Thanks –

P. Walker - USA

Received on Tue, 04 Jul. 2006

Thank you for your response.....and for taking care of everything. It turns out that we did the right thing staying in Naxos another day instead of hurriedly taking a ferry to Paros, we would have had to go to Athens, and then Crete, too confusing. Currently we are on Rhodos, and very much enjoying our Casa Antica....tomorrow we go scuba diving, and then on Thursday, we go to Turkey....Our time on Crete was short, but we took advantage of the water anyway. We went diving out of Iraklio at Agias Pepaligios (something like that) and had a great dive. Out of Chania, we really only had one full day, so a dive was out, we took a boat anyway out to a small island and snorkelled. I can't believe the trip is almost over, it's been amazing, and thank you for helping make it that way.....Cheers.....

V. Hauer - USA

Received on Thu, 29 Jun. 2006

Dear Aliki:

Great! Thank you for your advice. I think that we are all set then.

Thank you again for your unfailing good advice and hard work for our visit to Greece. I do not think that anyone else could have done a better, more thoughtful job than you have. My daughter and I are deeply grateful to you for all you have done for us.

J. Hunter - USA

Received on Wed, 21 Jun. 2006

Hi Uli:

Special thanks to you and Dolphin Hellas for all of the time & hard work in arranging our itinerary, cruise & accommodations through the 5 weeks of our holiday in Greece. Simply outstanding ! My wife Lee and I had a wonderful time, and greatly enjoyed the wonderful people, rich variety of terrain, and outstanding antiquities across the length & breadth of Greece.

Thanks to you, the cruise and each & every one of the accommodations you arranged turned out to be outstanding -- and provided the ideal base from which to explore the surrounding sights !

So once again -- many thanks !

Yours truly

B. & L. White - Canada

Received on Wed, 21 Jun. 2006

Dear Esther : .Greetings from Qatar !

A big thank you for planning our trip to Athens, Mykonos and Santorini so well.

We had a wonderful holiday in Greece and we will definitely recommend you / your agency to all our friends who are planning a greek holiday.

Efharisto and Best Regards,

Shailesh and Ruchira

Received on Mon, 19 Jun. 2006

Hi Uli,
Thank you so much for helping us organize our trip to Crete and the mainland. The flight on Aegean was without problem and our car was waiting for us at the airport when we arrived in Iraklion.
We had a great little car that gave us not a single problem, and we put lots of kilometers on it. We drove all over the eastern end of the island from Festos, near Mires, to Itanos on the eastern tip of the island. Although it took a bit of nerve, I finally got accustomed to driving on the narrow roads with cars creating passing opportunities I didn't think possible. We had only one near miss when we met a huge truck and trailer rounding a very narrow turn between Martha and Ano Vianos. A couple of days later, on the road to Kato Zakros, we met a flock of sheep and found ourselves parked in a sea of sheep as they passe us on both sides. We were so startled, we didn't think to pull out our cameras and take a picture of it. Photo or not, we won't forget it.
Although we had been warned against it by another passenger on the flight back to Athens, we took a taxi from the airport to our hotel with no problem at all. The Herodion is a terrific hotel. The breakfasts were great, a large variety with lots of fruit and juices. The staff took very good care of us and were quite friendly.
The tours helped us see more of the mainland than we could ever have done on our own. I was happy to leave the driving to the chauffeurs, who were quite competent. Our favorite tour guide called herself Effie. She was with us from Nafplion to Delphi, extremely well organized and informative. So, though I generally don't care to be part of a tour group, it seemed to be the best use of our time.
I had hoped to give you a call while we were in Athens, but there was so much to see, that we we returned to the hotel exhausted each night. We had the good luck to notice a sign advertising the Botero exhibit at the National Art Gallery. He's an artist I've admired for some time, and the museum is displaying a large collection of his work, including his recent paintings about the Abu Graib scandal in Iraq. My daughter was sceptical about seeing something "not related to Greece", but I insisted that the presence of the exhibition says a great deal about Greece. Anyway, we both enjoyed it, and if I'm able to make another visit to Greece, I think I'd like to find out more about Greece today and focus less on the antiquities. We were so busy being tourists we completely missed the debate that resulted in the student demonstrations on Thursday. Not knowing the language is a huge barrier.
Anyway, the trip was successful, we had a great time and learned a bit about the history of Greece. Thank you so much much for all your help.

J. Gerber - USA

Received on Sun, 18 Jun. 2006

Dear Aliki,

I just received the feedback. Those were the words of my client:

Wonderful, incredible, fascinating, spectacular !!!!!!!!!

Thank you Aliki!!

Kind regards

Stefan Schmückle - Forocio – Spain

Received on Sat, 10 Jun. 2006

Mr. Perschau,

Just a last thank you note to express our gratitude for your expert service during our recent trip to Greece. We had no problems negotiating vouchers or using tickets. We traveled easily with as much help as was needed from the Greek people themselves.

WE were impressed enough by this travel to definitely come back in the future. We are hoping Dolphin-Hellas will be around for many years to come.

May you continue to enjoy your success at making travel plans for strangers work effortlessly.


Dr. B. & T. Wilson - USA

Received on Thu, 08 Jun. 2006

Hi Kostas

Well we have just returned from a truly memorable holiday - it was wonderful. Thank you for the arrangements you made for us in Greece. Everything went off without a hitch and we really enjoyed our tours.

Greece was great and I have no doubt we will go back some day to see more, Athens was busy and exciting, Delphi and Meteora were absolutely incredible and Santorini breathtaking. There is so much history and legend that is difficult to separate fact from fiction and really who would want to try.

Thank you once again for all you did on our behalf and especially the constant communication so we always knew what was happening.

When once again we visit your stunning country, we will certainly get in touch with you to make our arrangements.

Kindest regards

P. & M. Wright - Australia

Received on Tue, 06 Jun. 2006

Dear Mrs. Perschau:
I wanted to write you just for tell you that the travel was great, my mom my best friend from ecuador and I enjoy the greece islands, the cruise and the tours in each city as well as athens.
It`s possible that in the future my fiance and I will take the same tour.
Best Regards,

G. Polastri - Equador

Received on Sun, 04 Jun. 2006

Dear Kostas

Just a short note to say thank you for the service you provided for our stay in Napflio. The Acronafplia Pension apartment was lovely and we had a great time in Napflio.

Best wishes for the summer season.

Kind regards

Ph.Falloon & C. Etheredge & J.Jade - Australia

Received on Sat, 03 Jun. 2006

Dear Uli:

I am in a little late in sending this to you. Rick and I wanted to thank you for all your help in planning our recent trip to Greece and especially for making the last minute hotel reservations in Athens for us. We were pleased with both hotels and enjoyed Athens, as well as, our land tour. I was particularly impressed that our bus tour arrangements went without a hitch considering the changes we made in the pickup location at the last minute.

I thought you might like to see what I just posted to Trip about Dolphin Hellas and yourself, so here it is:

I would like to strongly recommend the Dolphin-Hellas travel agency in Athens, Greece based on our recent experience. I especially want to commend Ms. Uli Perschau, who we worked with at Dolphin-Hellas, for her responsiveness and excellent assistance.
We shopped around for quite awhile for a land tour of Northern Greece, when I found one through Dolphin-Hellas, which met our needs. We corresponded with Ms. Perschau who made our tour arrangements. We decided to book our own air travel arrangements and hotel arrangements in Athens prior to and after the land tour to Northern Greece.
After receiving a confirmation of our Athens hotel arrangements from Orbitz, we thought we were all set but about three weeks before our trip, we discovered that we did not have hotel reservations after all. After spending weeks arguing with Orbitz, we were four days from leaving for Athens without a place to stay. We contacted Ms. Perschau and asked for her assistance in finding us hotels in Athens since we were having difficulty finding our own. (Athens was hosting the EuroVision finals and many hotels were full.) She successfully found us hotels to stay in before and after the tour that met our criteria within two days of our departure. The hotels turned out to be quite nice and we were very pleased.
All our land tour arrangements went extremely well. Ms. Perschau ensured that we had all the documentation we needed and that the tour company knew of our change of hotels so that we would be picked up. Everything went without a hitch.
All of our correspondence with Ms. Perschau was done by e-mail and we were most pleased with her quick responses, knowledge, and professionalism. We would not hesitate to contact her again for future travel in Greece.

Thanks again for your great help.

K. Davis - Germany

Received on Thu, 01 Jun. 2006

Hello Aliki!

And thank you for your hospitality and everything you/your team made for our group!!!!! The trip was very good both educationally and for the spirit of the team.

Thank you also for the receipt of the cruise. Hope to see you here!

Jari K. Mathalt
Travel House Finland Oy – Finland

Received on Mon, 29 May 2006

Hi Uli –

I just wanted to write and say that all the arrangements you made for our trip worked out great. We didn’t have any difficulties and we were able to find English speakers everywhere.

I was very pleased to find that the metro in Athens was very well run (and inexpensive!). We took the metro to Pireas ferry and back, and also from our hotel to the airport. This was a tremendous savings off the cost of a taxi, even for three of us. This worked only because our hotel (Attalos) was just a block or two from the metro station.

Thanks again for all your help. It was a wonderful trip.


J. Graves - USA

Received on Tue, 23 May 2006

Ms. Kourtesi and Ms. Stratiki,

Thank you for doing a great job on my arrangements in Athens and Mykonos. The tours by Key Tours were very good as their guides are very knowledgeable. The land arrangements for the transfers were all done on time and the Kouros Hotel worked out great as I had a wonderful room with a view of the sea and it was just a few minutes walk into town.

Although I have never met any of you, I would not hesitate to recommend you to my friends who visit Greece. I plan to be back in 2 years so you will hear from me also.

Thank you very much.

Sh. Kassam – USA

Received on Fri, 12 May 2006

Kostas. We had a wonderful time visiting your country. We so much enjoyed the museums and archaeological sites. All the people we met were very kind and the food was terrific. All of your arrangements were good, we especially appreciated the good briefing that we got from Paul of the rental car agency. We had hoped to tell you in person but the metro strike got in the way. We are already planning to return, this time to travel among the beautiful islands, and we will certainly be contacting you. Ευχαριστ? π?ρα πολ? !!

C. & D. Lenzi - USA

Received on Wed, 03 May 2006

Hello Aliki,


I spoke to Prof. Guerra some days ago.
Everything was excellent. The services really came up to his expectation.
He was particularly pleased about the guide and the driver who were really perfect.
They had also a problem with a girl who need to be admitted in hospital and they were very helpful.
He asked me to thank you for your work and punctual organization.
As you understood he is not an easy person to please, so his satisfaction has a double value.....


Thanks again for everything and best regards.

Park Viaggi – Italia

Received on Mon, 01 May 2006

Aliki, we truly enjoyed our holidays in Greece. We had a wonderful time. We experienced Easter in your Country and we were impressed by the devotion and excitement in everyone. We actually participated in the candle celebration on Easter Sunday. We were in Paros and actually walked from the Church to our hotel with the candles lit. It was very emotional.

Overall, we enjoyed the islands. We rented a car in all of the islands so we were able to visit and explore the entire island. Out of all the islands visited, these are our favorites in actual order: Santorini, Paros, Syros and Mykonos. Mykonos Port is beautiful but the rest of the island did not meet our expectations. However, the other islands were beautiful throughout - country side, tourist places, vegetation, local neighborhoods, etc. With regards to Athens, we truly enjoyed our stay there. It is a tremendous City, and again the people there are wonderful.

Overall, Greece is a beautiful Country with beautiful and very festive people.

Aliki, thanks for all of your help in assisting us complete our vacation successfully despite the fact that we encountered a little problem with the airline in Turkey. Additionally, thanks for successfully obtaining a credit from the hotel for our missed night in Santorini. We appreciate it very much.

M. Aguiar - USA

Received on Tue, 25 Apr. 2006

thankyou for our wonderful vacation! all of your arrangements went beautifully. marco met us at the ferry in naxos to assist us with the hotel change and he was both kind and helpful. we loved dana villas in thira. just wanted to let you know how much we loved greece and the people.

M. Schroeder – USA

Received on Wed, 19 Apr. 2006



LEONIDAS - Lato Reisen – Austria

Received on Sat, 15 Apr. 2006

Dear Kostas

Many thanks - that's great.

I would like to add how impressed we have been by the service you have provided. You have gone out of your way to accommodate all our needs and more. Your excellent service is much appreciated and it goes without saying that we will certainly recommend Dolphin-Hellas to our friends and family and use your services in the future.

Please forward this mail to your management so that they too can note our appreciation.

Many thanks and kind regards

I. Macpherson – India

Received on Fri, 24 Mar. 2006

Dear Mrs. Perschau,
My parents just came back today from their journey to Greece.
Thanks to the arrangements you made, they enjoyed every moment of their stay.
The buses were convenient, the guides were good and they saw a lot.
Thank you very much - hope to use your services again.
Have a nice weekend,

A. Abraham - Israel

Received on Thu, 09 Mar. 2006

Hi Chrissa,

Our tour has been fantastic. Thanks so much for our driver and our guides, everything has been truly top-notch.... Efcharisto.

Rich Pyrczak
Group Leader, Colorado Rocky Mountain School