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Received on Tue, 21 Dec. 2004

Merci et de même. Je garde un excellent souvenir des JO de cet ete a Athenes (a part celui du prix de l hotel)
Toute l organisation etait parfaite.
Tous mes voeux et bonne fetes

N. Paulmier – France

Received on Fri, 17 Dec. 2004

Danke für die guten Wünsche,
das gebuchte Hotel in Naflion,wärend der Olympischen Spiele war o.k
Frohe Weihnachten und einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr wünscht Fam.

Brandmüller aus Schwaig

Received on Thu, 16 Dec. 2004

Please forgive the use of English.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my EXTREME satisfaction and pleasure in working with Uli. Not only was she patient and able to assist us in finding the accommodations that we wanted for our holiday in Greece next week, but he has gone WAY out of his way to help us with one particular sticky point.

You see...when my family travels, we want to see football. In the United States, we don't have the quality of football found in Europe, so wherever we go...England, France, Italy....we want to see football. As it happens two Athenian teams are home while we will be in Greece on holiday...both PAO and Olympiakos, so...we want to see one of the games.

Of course, there are some very bizarre ticket restrictions in place...and we simply CANNOT purchase tickets ourselves. We even asked the concierge at the Grande Bretagne (where we will be staying) to obtain tickets...and he says it is impossible.

Uli has done everything that she possibly can to try to obtain the tickets for us. While, there are no guarantees, of course, we believe that Uli will be successful with the assistance of Dennis (also in your offices).

The last time I was in Greece, in 1988, I purchased an Olympiakos jersey. At the World Cup in 1994, my wife and I witnessed the game between Greece and Bulgaria in Chicago. It might seem silly that a GAME is such an important part of our holiday...and I can't really explain why it is so important...but, seeing one of these matches would absolutely MAKE my holiday.

If customer satisfaction is important to you, please consider my strong feelings of happiness in working with Uli. Consider her for reward whenever it is possible.

J. Vorreyer and family

Received on Sat, 27 Nov. 2004

Uli, We are safely back in the Los Angeles area now. Soon I will be returning to Alaska. Thank you again for you assistance in planning our visit to Greece. I will remember you when I start to make plans to return to your country and will be happy to recommend your services to anyone interested in making a visit to what has to be one of the most beautiful and friendly places on earth.

Michelle Buberge – USA

Received on Fri, 26 Nov. 2004

Hello Kiki,

Thank you for your excellent work with Grp Huurre.
The gentlemen were very satisfied with the whole tournee in Athens.

Have a nice Christmas time and my best regards

Maarit Saarela

BTI Nordic

Received on Fri, 19 Nov. 2004


Greetings once again from Moscow, Russia! I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for your excellent service. Our travels to Greece went especially smoothly. Your country is among the most beautiful we have seen! The fantastic history, the friendly people, and the wonderful art, food, and music made our visit truly delightful. We hope to someday return and will, once again, contact you.

Thanks again!

Kind regards,

T. Bochkarev – Russia

Received on Fri, 22 Oct. 2004

We did have a great time in Greece and thank you very much for making things go smoothly. Even though the ferry schedules caused difficulty, you could not have been more helpful. Again thanks. We will be back to Greece!

K. Garvens - USA

Received on Mon, 18 Oct. 2004

Hi Esther,

Thank you for all your help. Our trip to Greece was fantastic! (but too short!). The two hotels we stayed at were wonderful. El Greco in Santorini was perfect and the staff were so helpful. We arrived at the hotel around 7:30am, they sorted out our tour for us, told us to help ourselves to Breakfast (which was excellent) and then we had time for a nice lounge around the pool while they sorted our room out. We had our room by about 9:30.
Which we thought was brilliant service.

Hotel Adrian in Athens was perfectly situated for wandering around the tourist attractions, our room was lovely with a brilliant view of the accropolis, and breakfast was great.

talk to you when we plan our next trip to Greece
kind regards

D. Eccles-Simkins - UK

Received on Wed, 13 Oct. 2004

Hello Uli,
The flowers were the least we could do - Terry and I had marvelous time in Greece, and it was due in large part to all of your work and efforts. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. The hotels were great, the connections worked out well - it could not have gone any smoother.
Thanks so much, and I hope you have a great day,
With warm regards,

J. Lunt – USA

Received on Mon, 11 Oct. 2004


I also wanted to thank you for your help during our stay in Greece.

As on Xavi's email, I would like to insist on the 'special' hospitality that we had in 'Palazzo di Pietro'. Without knowing that we are on our honeymoon, they treated us with champagne, chocolates, fresh fruits and a very warm welcome even at 1.30 am! We also had the special honeymooner suite called 'Athens'. The family hotel business makes the atmosphere very warm and welcome. Cristina, the manager, who assist us was really very friendly advising about the best places to go on the island and good restaurants. I really want to emphasize that because if you continue recommending this hotel, you will always get a good recommendation from your customers. I've been in a lot of hotels, but never one like this. They do a lot of effort for their guests!

We really got the impression that Greek people are very kind and friendly after this special treatment we got. You're lucky to live in such a nice and friendly country!

Thank you so much

R. Gimenez - UK

Received on Sat, 09 Oct. 2004

Dear Mr. Barrett:

My uncle and I are off for our vacation to Italy and Greece. Thanks to your wonderfully helpful website, I was able to understand where I wanted to go and stay and what I wanted to do with my time in Greece. Your website’s recommendation for travel agencies was quite useful. Through it, we found Uli Perschau at Dolphin Hellas, a most patient, wonderful, and helpful travel agent! I know we are in good hands and Dolphin Hellas managed to package everything we wanted at an excellent price, better than either their competition or I could have done on my own. I wanted to be sure you know that your website is appreciated and that your recommendations for services are excellent.

R. Morentz - USA

Received on Fri, 08 Oct. 2004

Dear Uli:
I just want to send you thanks for having arranged for me the trip. It went smoothly if not counting a terrible thunderstorm in Thessaloniki - you might have read in the papers: streets flooded, etc. I still agree with the guidebooks which say that you don't need an umbrella in Greece - in this case it would have been useless anyway. It was not even possible to walk to the bus because of flooding. People were finally picked up by buses sent by the police.
I don't think I was punished for my addiction to Dalaras since most of the the other 5000 people who suffered with me were innocent.

Everything else was great: I was greeted by the car rent guy in the beautiful island of Lesvos, and successfully started my driving career in Greece. The Pyrgos Mitilene people treated my like a queen - I had a luxury room on the top with my own personal roof view to enjoy sunrise. The other hotels were nice, too. I actually discovered that I like traveling alone. It's about time to start planning another trip - maybe this time in spring.

Best regards

Marina Z. - Massachusetts, USA

Received on Mon, 04 Oct. 2004

Uli - Thanks so much for all of your help on our trip to Greece. We had a wonderful time and we even got engaged in front of a Santorini sunset! We were very satisfied with your travel services and you are more then welcome to use us as a reference.

Kind Regards,

Cayce and Andrea Cook – Missouri, USA

Received on Tue, 28 Sep. 2004

we had a wonderful time in Greece. Thank you for all your work and advice. We are specially grateful for your help rearranging our reservations when the meltemi started to blow. Everything was done professionally and efficiently.
We hope to return in a couple of years and we'll certainly be in touch.
Thanks again,

M. & R. Scanga - USA

Received on Tue, 21 Sep. 2004

Uli -

Well, we are back in the U.S. and almost fully recovered from our whirlwind vacation in Greece. I know the planning took a lot of work, including some help you provided on-the-fly during our stay, re-booking ferries and hotels. Thanks for taking care of everything and being so easy to work with. Our trip was wonderful!

Eric and Julie Smith – USA

Received on Sun, 19 Sep. 2004

Hello Uli!

I just wanted to write and tell you that we had a fabulous time in Greece! The trip went so smoothly and just as planned. I am sorry that I was so worried about all the documents and reservations. You were so very helpful every step of the way and our trip was just lovely. I'll recommend Dolphin Hellas to all of my friends for their travel reservations.

I hope you are having a nice September.


Sh. O'Halloran - USA

Received on Fri, 10 Sep. 2004

hi Aliki! after writing you for so many months and finally talking to you on the phone, I have returned to the USA of course and am swept back into my life here. I thought my trip and the whole Olympics went UNBELIEVABLY well and I thank you again for helping me in such depth with this special trip.

It worked out well that I already had my train ticket to Athens. it was also a huge help being met at the train station and my hotel was so close to everything and they were very nice. i took 3 or 4 rolls of (not very good) photos and I bought a lot of small
souvenirs including a little tiny silver Parthenon charm. (the half day city tour was enjoyable, incidentally.) I have given away a few of my precious Olympics pins and people loved them.

the Superfast ferry was incredibly plush - it was like a baby ocean liner. the four person (four woman) cabin was very small of course but it had everything we needed and it was a pleasure to lie in my bunk with the boat gently rocking in the Adriatic. it was about 1-1/2 hours late arriving into Anconas & I am glad you were sensible about having me stay overnight in Rome.
I did find out about the Italian trains of course and it was complicated. basically the Eurostar trains are different and the "Trenitalia" trains do not need a reservation. since I was late I wound up taking the Trenitalia train, and it was not air-conditioned but plenty of wind blowing around the windows as we ticked thru the Italian countryside. I arrived in Rome that
night and my hotel was like a baby Italian palace. Wow! A big marble bathroom and a balcony with wrought iron railngs and little vines trailing around. as I packed I saw the closing ceremonies on tv. the concierge referred me around the corner to a taverna and I had an excellent dinner.

the next morning I took a cab (actually the hotel is near the the main Rome train station) to take a picture of the Colosseum and then back to the train station. I purchased a ticket by automated machine !! in Italian!! for the train to the airport which takes about half an hour. EVERYWHERE I went except my Rome hotel was filled with migrating Olympic spectators in their little outfits and souvenirs - Americans, British, and western Europeans - the trains and the airports. the Munich airport searched travellers going into the USA very carefully and did not mess around.

the twelve hour (!!) flight to San Francisco was filled with Olympic spectators, an Olympic coach or two, and at least one Olympic competitor, so that was fine too.

I had a great time and this was a trip and an experience I will remember. please ask me any questions you might have, okay? thank you again.


Received on Wed, 01 Sep. 2004

Hey thanks for all of your help with my travel arrangements in greece for the Olympics. It was a great time and i have a ton of memories to reflect on. You guys are great... Thanks for your help.

J. Kovar - USA

Received on Tue, 31 Aug. 2004

Dear Esther,

Just a line to thank you for arranging a wonderful holiday for us. We are just back home to temperatures 20? lower than Athens!

Everything worked out smoothly and the hotels were lovely with great locations. We enjoyed the different atmosphere on each of the islands and the amazing scenery and sunsets. Congratulations on the Games. They were so exciting and so well organised.

I am looking forward to holidaying again in Greece but perhaps not in August! When I do, I will be pleased to avail of your company's services again. By the way, the owner of the Moondy Bay Hotel sends greetings to your boss.

Thanks again for your friendly and excellent assistance.

Best regards,

Patricia O'Neill

Received on Tue, 31 Aug. 2004

Dear Kostas - My wife and I can't thank you enough for organising our olympic weekend in athens. Everything was just perfect. Unfortunately we had too much ouzo and had to miss the tour, oh well, next visit! I would also like to congratulate you and all Athenians for hosting the best olympics ever. Your warm and friendly hospitality is a beacon for all. Thank you again.

Ch. Belanger - UK

Received on Sat, 31 Jul. 2004

Hello Uli - I have wanted to thank you for all of your assistance with our recent trip to Greece. Your help was invaluable and all your reservations and recommendations were excellent. Our trip was outstanding and, as I remembered from my previous tours in Greece, the best part were all the local people. Never once did we have any problems or questions that someone locally did not offer friendly and helpful information. I know our planning was difficult because of the last minute unknown travel plans of our son who was able to fly in from London and meet us in Samos. This worked out well and we did arrange locally for a day trip to Ephesus.

I have given your name and e-mail address to Andrew ..., an Australian who is a good friend of my son. His wife is a member of the Australian rowing team and currently is in Athens with the team. He will be joining her shortly and although most of their time will be pre committed with Olympic activities they are going to Paros and may need some local assistance. I have told him how helpful you were in our arrangements and suggested that if he needed any help in Athens to contact you.

Thank you again for all your help and hope that things go well for you during the Olympics. I wish we could spend some more time in Greece and will be eagerly watching the TV coverage of all the activities. I am sure some of this renewed exposure will wet our appetite to return.

Best Regards

J. Grogan - USA

Received on Mon, 12 Jul. 2004

Dear Uli,

We just arrived home from Greece very early this morning. I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our vacation. Everything worked out very smoothly, no glitches. We loved the Arion Hotel on Samos as well the the lovely town and beaches of Kokkari. Patmos was also a very special place. The location of the Skala Hotel was very convenient even though the hotel itself was not as nice as we would have liked. But everything in life is a trade off so we were happy with our location. Thank you for helping me put this together. It has been a pleasure working with you.

Yours truly,

F. Titus – USA

Received on Mon, 12 Jul. 2004

Dear Uli,

Please forgive the lateness of this note, but I want you to know that you and Danny designed the trip of a lifetime.
Throughout the entire time from May 27 to June 13 there was not a single missed beat, despite the fact that we both battled a virus the first week.
Just when we though "it doesn't get any better than this," it got better!
I won't try to describe the highlights because every day was a highlight.

Two items that may be of interest to you as our agent....on Crete, in Chania, at the Porto De Colombo Hotel because of a mix-up we were told the laundry left to be washed on Sunday morning would be back Sunday night. We arrived back at the hotel Sunday evening to find that they could not get it until Monday at noon.
Since we had to get an early bus to Iraklion to catch the ship to Mykonos, we were forced to leave our clothing behind. They promised to send it to our hotel on Patmos...and they did! It arrived on our final day there, washed and pressed and they did NOT ask us to pay for it.

The second incident is even more important. On our last day on Patmos (our last day in Greece) I left my jacket at the Hotel Skala. Worse, in one pocket was the camera that had half the photos I had taken on the trip! I called from Kos to the Hotel Skala and told the young woman where I had left the jacket and that it was not important but the camera was. She mailed the camera AND the jacket to me in the United States as the Hotel's expense. I now have all the pictures of the trip,
instead of half...and my old jacket as well.

I cannot thank the Hotel Skala enough.

Again, thank you for your efforts.

Best Regards,

T. O'Brien - USA

Received on Thu, 01 Jul. 2004

dear uli,
back at work today after a great holiday that you arranged for us on syros/tinos/andros/athens as we say in the uk all went like clockwork, myself and my wife would like to thank you for the arrangements you made for us.

best regards

J. & S. Driscoll - UK

Received on Tue, 22 Jun. 2004

Dear Aliki,

I have been wanting to write to you and thank you for our great stay in Greece. All the arrangements were super and the dinner on the last night was the perfect ending. Thank you for all your efforts.

We had an uneventful but long trip home. But we have wonderful memories. I will certainly call you when I have other travelers to Greece. Thank you again.

Best regards,

Marian P. Cohen
Continental Capers Travel Center, Inc.

Received on Fri, 18 Jun. 2004

Dear Uli, I want to thank you and your colleagues for all of your help in making our trip so enjoyable and care-free. While you were away, (and I hope that you had a good time in Germany) your colleague Aliki (sp?) was very helpful in securing opera tickets for me and in canceling our Piraeus hotel reservation. Every thing about the trip worked out very well. We loved the hotels you arranged for us. We were glad to stay at the Cavo Tagoo a little bit out of town in Mykonos and also loved the location of the Rocabella apts. in Santorini. I think if I did the trip again, I would only allow 1 day in Delphi. Thanks again, and we would be glad to be a future reference for your business.

Jim Barnes – CT, USA

Received on Thu, 17 Jun. 2004

Dear Uli:

You bring a smile to our faces! :-) :-) :-). My wife just remarked that over the last 6 years you have never once given us an undesirable recommendation or made even the slightest error in our arrangements, not to mention the speed in which you do this all in! Words cannot adequately express our sincere appreciation.

Thanks for the financial break down I'll be sure that our guests receive a copy. Hopefully we'll have a chance this year to stop by your office and thank you in person. If we do stop by, we'll make it brief for I can only imagine how busy you will be then with the Olympics at your doorstep.

Most appreciatively,

D. Howard – Massachusetts, USA

Received on Wed, 16 Jun. 2004

Hi Uli,

Just wanted to thank you so much for all the work you put into making our vacation a marvelous and unforgettable experience. It was the most intense traveling I've ever done. Next time I come to Greece, I'll be staying in one place for at least a week! (Leros looks like a great island -- have you been there?)

Our favorite hotel was the Porto del Colombo in Chania. The staff was the friendliest and warmest of everyone we met, and the accommodations were amazing. There was a miscommunication about our laundry; one of the girls assured me our clothes would be cleaned by Sunday evening, but instead they were locked overnight at the laundromat, and since we were leaving early Monday, we had to leave them behind. But the Porto del Colombo staff did see that it was cleaned and shipped to us in Patmos, where we received it five days later. We're very grateful that they were able to ship it to us on time. Please inform them that we would be glad to pay for this service. Also let them know that we look forward to staying with them again -- this hotel is a reason to go to Chania all by itself. Also, best coffee and breakfast of the whole vacation.

We also thoroughly enjoyed the Mykonos Beach Hotel. You were absolutely right to tell us to stay with the itinerary -- it was difficult to get up early to get to Mykonos but the hotel and service helped a lot. The staff there are great, and the food as well.

Of course the Attalos remains the best bargain in Athens. Excellent breakfast and coffee, and the roof bar is fantastic. Well appointed with comfortable beds.

If anything else of use occurs to me, I'll pass it on. Thanks again and you'll be hearing from me next time I come to Greece.

D. O'Brien – USA

Received on Tue, 08 Jun. 2004

Hi Kiki!

I have a lot of work this time of the year so it took same time to write you this mail.

I spoke with the “Patmosgroup” and they were satisfied with the tour. It means that you did a good job! Thank you!

I hope for more groups to Greece in the future.

Have a nice summer and enjoy the Olympic Games!

Best regards

Sven G Gunnarsson


Received on Sun, 06 Jun. 2004

Dear Aliki:
Just to let you know that our trip went well. We enjoyed Mani. Alevras Tower was a good place. Recommended.
Talk to you again before our next trip.

Ira and Mary Ann Wolinsky

Received on Thu, 03 Jun. 2004

Dear Kiki,
After arriving back home and taking care of many things that needed my attention, at last I am able to write to you on behalf of our Sophia Foundation group to thank you again for all that you did to make our tour of Greece & Turkey such a wonderful experience. Even though there were hitches to the plan, you managed to get all the details worked out, so that our tour was able to unfold smoothly from place to place. We are most grateful to you for this, and we are also very impressed with the high level of responsibility that you took in making things go smoothly and in sorting everything out for our complex group.
Karen and I enjoyed very much working together with you and we (and also Lucky) would like to thank you for the memorable dinner together on our first evening in Athens. It was our "initiation" into Greece!
Warm greetings to you from your Sophia friends,
Robert and Karen (on behalf of our group)
PS. Our special "thank you" (efharisto), again, also to Nassia for her wonderful expertise and patience with us. Perhaps Nassia might know the recipe for the sacred drink of Eleusis called "Kykeon"? If yes, it would be wonderful if she could send me the recipe by e-mail.

Received on Mon, 31 May 2004

Hi Uli,

We are home and just want to thank you for your help with our trip. We had a terrific vacation and will call on you again when we re-visit Greece. Everything was outstanding. Thought you might want the following specific feedback for future travelers.

- Thanks for the credit for the Mykonos departure transfer. We wanted to let you know Hotel Aegean was outstanding. Friendly staff, great room and terrific breakfast.
- Efi, at Bellonias in Santorini, is a doll. The suggestions she made for outings were very valuable, and she went out of her way to make sure we had a good time.
- The Best Western in Rhodes is a good hotel, and in particular they have a young woman at the front desk who was so good to us. I am sending them a separate e-mail to let them know she was great. Dark hair, tall and thin - sorry we did not get her name. She gave directions, restaurant recommendations, all very patiently.
- In Syros, where we found the NEL Lines ferry was still not fixed, the agent there changed us to Blue Line Ferry. They apologized that they could not refund the price difference of 4E because they did not originally issue the tickets. The gentleman there was very nice.

Thanks to you the whole trip went very efficiently and conveniently for us.

Sue, John and Hariteeny Fritz - USA

Received on Mon, 24 May 2004

I wanted to thank you, Esther, for your kindness and for helping to make our trip to Greece so memorable. The Hotel Porto Vitilo in Itilo was wonderful. Very nice people, relaxing, good service, excellent room and a good location for exploring the Mani. We would definitley stay there again if returning to the area.

Also, the car rental worked out perfectly. The staff was friendly and helpful. The car helped us explore Napflio, Lousos, Mantania, Monemvasia and the Mani. Our next trip will be to the north of Greece and we will be sure to contact you for your guidance and assistance.

Thank you,

D. Halon - USA

Received on Fri, 14 May 2004

Dear Uli,
I just want to tell you that we had a wonderful visit to Greece and to thank you for making the local travel arrangements. Everything worked smoothly and the hotels were fully satisfactory. The best thing of Greece was the friendly helpful people everywhere we went.


P. Sinclair - Canada

Received on Tue, 04 May 2004


We really had the best time, the boat was amazing, the crew were great, and THE WEATHER WAS GREAT TOO !!!

Everyone loved it.

please pass my thanks to captain basil. thank you again


Received on Sun, 02 May 2004



M. RAPOPORT - Israel

Received on Sat, 17 Apr. 2004

Hello there Uli, and Happy Monday Morning!!! Or, Kalimera, as those of us just returning from Greece say!!

I want to thank you for setting up the details of our trip. We had lots of adventures, and just about all of them were terrific; and those that were not were invaluable learning experiences!!

Knowing that most of the arrangements were already made really put us at ease. You did an outstanding job. I will positively recommend you to any friends in need, and when we return, will be in touch with you again.

Til then, Uli, stay safe and happy. Thank you again.

J. Black – USA

Received on Fri, 16 Apr. 2004

Dear Uli,

We just wanted to tell you how much we appreciated all of your assistance in arranging our trip to Greece. It was PERFECT! Everything went as planned. If your office ever needs a reference, please feel free to use us. Again, thank you for everything...

The Gleckmans (Gary, Andrea, and Seth) - USA

Received on Thu, 15 Apr. 2004

Hi Uli,

We just arrived back home yesterday after our holiday in Greece.

Everything went really well and we want to thank you for all your help in organising it. You were so kind in answering all my email questions promptly, and you were very efficient in making the arrangements.

The Hotel Attalos and Hotel King Minos were very comfortable.
Tolo is a lovely place - and we had wonderful weather while we were there.

The 4-day Classical Tour was fascinating. You may know that we were the only ones on that tour so we had our own personal bus, guide and driver! If you know the guide (Katerina) or the driver (Mr Gregori) then please thank them again for us.

We nearly had a problem on Easter Monday getting back to Athens. We had bought return tickets for the bus but had not booked seats on a particular one. When we got to Naufplio on the local bus from Tolo (about 11 am) we found that there were a lot of people wanting to get a place on the Athens buses. However fortunately they were able to fit us onto the 12.10 bus so that was OK. I thought you might like to know this in order to advise other tourists in future to book seats in advance.

So thank you again for all your help in booking a wonderful holiday for us. I shall recommend you to any friends who may wish to visit Greece in the future - and we may be back ourselves sometime!

D. Cottrell - UK

Received on Wed, 07 Apr. 2004

Dear Aliki,

the feedback of the group was perfect! Everything went well. In further groups to Greece we will definitely contact you again. Thanks for all

Stefan Schmückle –

Received on Mon, 05 Apr. 2004

Ms. Perschau,
we had an excellent time....thank you for the short notice service...all the arrangements were wonderful and the trip went smoothly.

Relaxed and refreshed,


M. E. Denny – USA

Received on Fri, 19 Mar. 2004

Hi Aliki,

I hope you are feeling better!! I just wanted to say "Thank You" for providing us with another wonderful experience and for taking such good care of all of us. You are truly a special person! Our students thoroughly enjoyed themselves and we look forward to continuing our relationship with you and Dolphin Hellas.

I have a question that I was hoping you could help me with. I am looking at putting together something similar for Rome, Italy and was wondering if you could recommend a travel agency. I know no one will be as good as you and Dolphin Hellas, but I thought you might be able to point me in a direction. Any help you can give is greatly appreciated and if you don't know of
anyone, that's okay too :o)

Take care,

DeEtta Hanssen
University of Florida

Received on Thu, 15 Jan. 2004

Dear Uli, We are home and had a wonderful trip to Greece with no real problems. We did have to drive out of Athens instead of being driven to the National Road but the rental car fellow gave good directions and it went well to our surprise. I'd like to recommend Pension Marianna in Nafplio. What wonderful hosts, good accommodations and the location was wonderful. We were up by the castle wall and could see the entire area plus with the defunct Xenia very near by we were able to park close to our room. Our host gave good driving directions to the various ancient sites (reassuring for a foreign driver). We had a few exciting moments getting from Sparti to Kalamata. It snowed the night before and that made driving near the top a hold your breath, car was dragging bottom affair. Luckily we come from snow country. However, our snow driving is on flat land. Again, thank you for helping us fall in love with Greece. I see another trip in our future--maybe during the fall season.

J. & B. Emerson - USA