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Received on Mon, 11 Nov. 2013

Good morning Uli-
Just wanted to thank you for your help in planning our vacation.
It all went smoothly-
We loved visiting your country and will be planning a return trip to northern Greece next fall including one of the islands and Istanbul-

J. Freiman – USA

Received on Thu, 07 Nov. 2013

Dear Uli,

Thank you very much for your expert help setting up our visit to Greece. Everything went well especially the Mykonos Grand which was a lovely resort. Sorry we did not write you earlier as we were very busy when we returned home. We may visit again as there are so many more places to see in your beautiful country.

All the best

S. & T. Dziedzic - VA, USA

Received on Sun, 06 Oct. 2013

Dear Uli,

Having reached the end of my Dolphin Hellas trip (although I'm still in Greece, in Molyvos), I just wanted to congratulate you, your company and your travel partners on the exemplary service and arrangements.

Thank you very much for making this week so pleasurable and trouble free. I will certainly recommend Dolphin Hellas to friends who might plan to travel to Greece.

Yours sincerely,

A. Tonks - Australia

Received on Tue, 01 Oct. 2013

Dear Uli,

I am back home from an absolutely unforgettable trip to Greece. I cannot thank you enough for making my dream come true!
Honestly, I am overwhelmed with emotions and gratitude.

Please, let me know how can I thank you for doing such a wonderful job. I would like to recommend you and your travel agency to my friends.
And again: thank you very much!


Y. Tretyakov – USA

Received on Thu, 05 Sep. 2013


Just a quick note to say Mohamed and I had an absolutely fabulous time in Greece and your assistance made it all possible. There were a couple of minor problems at the Cypria and San Marco hotels, but they took care of them right away. The staffs were absolutely most accomodating. At some point in the future we hope to visit Santorini for a few days and will not hesitate for a moment to use Dolphin Hellas and hopefully you when that time comes.

Kindest Regards,

J. Shogaa – USA

Received on Mon, 02 Sep. 2013

Hi Aliki,

I have been meaning to send you a note to tell you how wonderful you made our trip. It was so nice to be escorted around Greece in your beautiful Mercedes shuttle vans, and each time, by your kind and professional staff.

We enjoyed our tour to the Acropolis and the Mew Museum very much and the hotel worked out fine. The cruise was a great way to see the Islands with such a limited time schedule and the rooms on the ship were very nice.

You really made our transfers smooth and enjoyable and we will call on you the next time we come to Greece.

We were sorry we missed you but we hope you had a nice time on vacation with your family.

Thank you again for all of your help.

By the way, we loved Paros and Santorini. Those were perfect suggestions!!!

Lots of love,

C. Foustoukos – USA

Received on Mon, 26 Aug. 2013

Good morning Uli,

Trust you are well :-)

We are now back from our fabulous holiday in Greece. The intention was to come and see you but unfortunately we did not manage :-( ..... it was not easy to direct 13 people !!!

Uli, on behalf of all the family, we would like to thank you for all your support and for your guidance. We thoroughly enjoyed the cruise and everything worked to plan. So very well done to you and your team.

Hopefully we will have another opportunity in the future to organise another holiday! Till that time, we wish you the best of health and success.

Best wishes

C. Mattocks – USA

Received on Fri, 16 Aug. 2013

Hi Uli,
Thank you for the most amazing honeymoon! We had a fantastic time, Greece is just beautiful.
Thank you for all your organising and help! The holiday ran so smoothly you are amazing.
Thank you so much

Leigh Pearse – Australia

Received on Mon, 12 Aug. 2013

Dear Mrs Perschau,

I just wanted to drop you a note thanking you for taking care of everything with respect to our trip to Kea! We were very pleased with the Hotel and all the arrangements and had a wonderful time. We will be keeping your info for help with future trips to Greece and will be recommending your services to our traveller friends! Thank you so much!


C. Karlgard – Canada

Received on Sun, 21 Jul. 2013

Dear Uli,

We had a FABULOUS vacation! Our hotels were all wonderful, our tours were amazing, and the weather was perfect! (I know, you didn't arrange the weather, but still...)

I will recommend your services to anyone visiting Greece! Everything went smoothly (well, aside from our USAirways flight from Rome to Philly being cancelled, but you didn't have anything to do with that, and it really wasn't that bad anyway).

Please let me know if there's anything I can do to help you or promote the good work you do. Thanks again for everything!


L. Matheny - Pennsylvania, USA

Received on Fri, 19 Jul. 2013

Hi Aliki,
Now that our 2013 year is complete and we are looking to the future, I just wanted to pause and thank you again for all that you did to provide incredible services to our students this year. We are grateful for our partnership and the opportunity to work with you to create our program. All of the little things you do to make sure that our staff and students are accommodated does not go unnoticed. We look forward to working with you again this upcoming year.

Kindest regards,

C. Doran, Global LEAD

Received on Mon, 08 Jul. 2013

Dear Uli,

I went on the "4 Day Classical Tour with Meteora" in December last year, from 17th-20th. My tour guide was Rouli and our driver was Thakis. (Sorry I'm not sure of the spelling!)

I would just like to say it was the best experience of my life!!

Rouli was just amazing; she was so professional and knowledgeable. I had to go to hospital because I got bronchitis from a Singaporean gentleman on the tour and she looked after me really well and translated with the doctor for me. I really appreciated everything she did; always making sure we were having a good time and that we had everything we needed. I was so impressed with all her stories of Greek mythology and history. She was a fantastic guide at the archaeological sites as well.

Thakis is such a character! He was a great driver, very punctual, professional and helpful. The morning that I was picked up from my hostel, I had food poisoning and was throwing up on the side of the road (unfortunately!). Thakis was so kind, he patted me on the back and went back to the travel agency to get me sick bags. I felt so unwell but everyone was looking after me so well. My parents are also very appreciative of everything both Rouli and Thakis did for me!

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the tour and have recommended your business to any of my friends going to Greece.

So thank you so much, I often think about those 7 days in such a beautiful country and everything I learnt and experienced there.

Would it be possible for you to send me Rouli's email address? I would like to thank her personally :) and could you pass on this message to Thakis, and thank him for his hard work!

M. Peake – Australia

Received on Sat, 06 Jul. 2013


I just wanted to thank you for the trip you put together. Everything went smoothly and I greatly enjoyed Greece. I would like to specifically commend our taxi driver George, our agent Lucy on Santorini, and the King Thiras Hotel on Santorini. They all provided exceptional service, above and beyond!

Hope to work with you again in the future!

J. Salley – USA

Received on Thu, 04 Jul. 2013

Hi Uli,
I just want to let you know Phil and I are having an AMAZING time...we arrived at grace hotel a few hours ago and it is absolutely beautiful! We partied in Mykonos and are looking forward to relaxing here...exploring Oia tomorrow and wine tasting on Sunday. Thank you for making this honeymoon memorable and our travels/transportation arrangements effortless.

Sent from my iPhone

Received on Mon, 01 Jul. 2013

Just wanted to tell you that my two children and I had a great trip to Greece, May 25 - June 9. You arranged the first week for us on the mainland and everything went well. We enjoyed our time on Mykonos and Santorini as well. I knew the islands were basically mountains, but I had not anticipated having all the hills and steps on the mainland. But I managed to do everything my children did, including hiking to the top of the volcano off Santorini, though sometimes with some rest stops along the way. I'm glad I didn't wait any longer to take the trip, as I am 68 now.

If I ever know anyone looking to plan a trip to Greece, I will recommend you and your agency.

Thanks for doing such a great job for us.

B. Martin – USA

Received on Mon, 10 Jun. 2013

Dear Uli,

Wow, what a great trip!

Thanks for arranging this for Bonnie and I. It was so amazing to see the sights the Louis Olympia cruise offered. We were comfortable on the ship and enjoyed all ports of call.

We’ve never done a cruise before, and this was great—a once-in-a-life-time experience.

Loved Greece! Great food, great people!

If someone asks, we’ll recommend Dolphin Hellas and you!

Thank you so much.

All the best,

Alan Pratt - USA

Received on Fri, 07 Jun. 2013

I just wanted you to know that everything you planned for me on my recent trip to Greece worked out beautifully! I really enjoyed my 5 day Classical Tour, the One-Day Cruise Tour, and my 2 days/2 nights at Santorini Island. In Santorini, you picked the perfect hotel for me, King Thiras. The husband & wife were so gracious to me, the breakfast was served so elegantly, the room was lovely with a view, and the old town was nice and close for walking to shop in all the interesting stores. By the way, I liked the seat you chose for me on the Ferry Boat....Row One! I had extra space for my feet and a really good view. Every day in my vacation had a happy surprise!

Your responses to my emails made my trip easy to plan. I'm so glad I went directly to you and your travel agency in Greece. I had a wonderful time and vacation that has left me with very happy memories!

Best wishes,

R. Boerger – USA

Received on Sat, 01 Jun. 2013

Dear Uli,

It was a pleasure to have met you while we were in Athens. I would like to thank you for everything you did for us. This is a short e-mail as we just arrived home not long ago. We will write again once we have settled down and unpacked. Just want you to know that everything was wonderful! We fell in love with your beautiful country, it was so hard to leave. Everyone was so kind, we met so many wonderful people who truly went out of their way to made us feel very welcomed.

Our plans for the future include coming back to your country for an extended stay of 2-3 months. I would like to make booking arrangements with you again. We would like to rent a house or apartment on a beach in the Peloponnese and I would like to take cooking classes as the Greek food was delightful. It will take us a few years to save up the money and by that time the work on the Nestor's Palace will have been completed. We cannot thank you enough for making this one of our best trips ever!


D. Dulaney – USA

Received on Thu, 30 May 2013


We are back in the states, just wanted to write a letter thanking you for all the help that you did with our vacation to greece. It was a magical experience that went off without a hitch all thanks to your help with all the arrangements. It was also great meeting you in person. We actually got to meet Matt later that night, so all in all a great time at the Attalos. We are already planning our next trip to Greece, so I hope you're still working at Dolphin so you can help us book that one too.

B. Kinder & J. Welles – USA

Received on Thu, 09 May 2013

I just wanted you to know we just got back in the states from our trip to your beautiful country. We had a wonderful trip, and everything went very smoothly. I appreciate all you did. It certainly made our trip much easier.
I will certainly recommend you to anyone that needs a travel agent in Greece.
Thank you so much!

C. Holder – USA

Received on Tue, 30 Apr. 2013

Dear Aliki,
I spoke with *** at the weekend and he is thrilled with the tour. He said the guide was excellent and everything went really well. He praised all the hotels but was not so happy with the dinners as they said they were all the same really and not so good.
Overall Aliki he was very pleased with the tour and said it was better than the tour to Turkey last time and much more interesting. So please say a big Thank you to the guide - she was exceptional and extremely knowledgeable in all areas and was really impressive. The driver too was very professional and careful.
Overall it was a wonderful success and thanks a million. I only wish I have more tours to Greece as you are a pleasure to work with and I feel that you are an extension of us here in Dublin.
Enjoy every moment in Corfu Aliki as you more than deserve it.
Warm regards,

Patricia – MAP Travel Ireland

Received on Wed, 17 Apr. 2013


Hi Courtney:

We have been working with Dolphin Hellas for more than 4 to 5 years. They have offered exceptional, reliable and safe service to us. I highly recommend them. We will be working with Dolphin Hellas again next summer.

Please let us know if you have any questions.


D. Garcia - Texas University

Received on Mon, 08 Apr. 2013


A big thanks to you and your team for the great tour which the Fr. La Flynn enjoyed. This is really terrific to receive the email below - it makes all our work worthwhile.

Kind regards,

Dear Patricia

Good afternoon - or as the Greeks say "Kalimera"!

It is great to report that we had a wonderful trip to Greece. Everything went extremely well and all flights were on schedule.

Our guide, Mara, was excellent. We could not praise her highly enough. She was very enthusiastic, accommodating, helpful and always in great humour. We were astounded at the extent of her knowledge and her ability to impart it to us.

George, the bus driver, was also very respectful, accommodating and a very safe driver.

We had a busy schedule but it was varied and enjoyable.

Father La and group

Patricia – MAP Travel Ireland

Received on Mon, 18 Feb. 2013


We returned home late last night. We had a great time in Greece. Vicky was a wonderful guide, full of life, and very knowledgeable. All the sites we visited were interesting and worth seeing. It is unfortunate that so much time is spent in the car to see all of them, but there is nothing to be done about that.

Thanks for setting up the trip for us. We look forward to returning to Greece in the near future.

A. Terry – USA