Athens – Herod Atticus Odeon



The monument, which was the third odeon in Athens, was constructed during the 2nd century AD; its construction was sponsored by Tiberius Claudius Herod Atticus in remembrance of his wife Regilla, who died in 160 AD.
The Odeon was roofed and served mainly musical festivals. It could host up to 5,000 spectators.
It was destroyed in 267 BC at the incursion of the Heruli (or Erils).
The monument was restored during 1952-1953 BC using marble from the Dionysos area; since 1957 it stages art festivals (concerts and ancient drama performances among others) mostly in the framework of the Athens Festival.


  • The Herodion theatre at the feet of Acropolis hill
  • Performance at the Herodion
  • View from inside the theatre
  • View from outside – Parthenon at the top right


Latitude: 37.970698, Longitude: 23.724546

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