Epidaurus – Ancient Theatre



Among the greatest monuments of Greek Antiquity, the famous Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus is situated within the archaeological site of the Sanctuary of Asklepios, in the Argolis prefecture in Peloponnese, a half-hour drive from Nafplion and approximately two hours from Athens.
It is the finest and most renowned of its kind, it combines perfect acoustics with elegance and symmetrical proportions, qualities praised already in the 2nd century AD by traveller and geographer Pausanias. During the overall construction of the Asklepios sanctuary, the theatre was built at the end of the classical era, in 340-330 BC.
Though earth-covered, the monument remained visible for centuries; it was fully uncovered during the 1881-1883 excavations by P.Kavvadias.
Since 1954, the theater is hosting each summer the Athens & Epidaurus festival, mainly ancient drama performances, celebrated as a major international theatrical event.



  • The ancient theatre of Epidaurus, famous for its acoustics
  • A little before the beginning of a performance in the Epidaurus theatre
  • From the performance ‘Ornithes’ (‘Birds’ by Aristophanes) directed in 1959 by K. Koun


Latitude: 37.596043, Longitude: 23.079035