The cruise vessel ‘Celestyal Discovery’ of Celestyal Cruises

The 'Celestyal Discovery' cruise vessel

10 passenger decks, maximum 1266 passengers in 633 cabins - 62 of which with private balconies, 54 exterior and interior cabins are interconnecting for families and groups of friends and 4 are suitable for wheelchairs,
fully air-conditioned, 2 elevators, 11 restaurants & bars, swimming pool, spa, gym, sun decks, casino, shops, conference room, multi-purpose amphitheatre, medical centre.

GRT: 42200 tons, Length: 203 m

* Please note that the 'Celestyal Discovery' is currently undergoing renovation, therefore images and deck plans are indicative of the final result.

Cabin categories, capacities


of Cabins
Cabin Description
SGDeck 72Grand Dream balcony suites
(up to 3 persons)
BADeck 760Balcony cabins
(up to 2 persons)
XDDeck 7, Deck 598Exterior cabins
(up to 3 persons)
XCDeck 6, Deck 5, Deck 4100Exterior cabins
(up to 3 persons)
XBDeck 7, Deck 6, Deck 4, Deck 380Exterior cabins
(up to 4 persons)
XBODeck 7, Deck 652Exterior cabins with obstructed view
(up to 4 persons)
XADeck 5, Deck 428Exterior cabins
(up to 2 persons)
ICDeck 7, Deck 663Interior cabins
(up to 4 persons)
IBDeck 5, Deck 477Interior cabins
(up to 2 persons)
IADeck 5, Deck 473Interior cabins
(up to 4 persons)

* All staterooms have air-conditioning, safety deposit box, telephone, TV, hairdryer and bathroom with shower.
  The Grand Dream Suites ('SG') also have a refrigerated minibar and bathroom with jet tub.

* All staterooms of categories 'SG' & 'BA' have balconies.
  All exterior staterooms have windows except from the cat. 'XA' cabins on Deck 4 and the cat. 'XB' cabins on Deck 3 which have portholes.

* All staterooms have double bed with two single mattresses; twin beds are available in some staterooms of categories 'XB', 'XBO' and 'IC'.
  In Grand Dream Suites (cat. 'SG') the 3rd person sleeps on a lower bed.
  In most triple cabins the 3rd person sleeps on a single sofa.
  In quadruple exterior cabins there are 3rd/4th upper beds or a single sofa, while in quadruple interior cabins there are only 3rd/4th upper beds.

* Interconnecting cabins are available in almost all categories except from cat. 'SG'.

* Wheelchair accessible cabins are available on Deck 7 ('XBO') and on Deck 6 ('XBO' & 'XB').

Deck plans & ship details per deck

Click on the images below for larger view of each deck

Deck 12
'Rays' relaxing area.
The Deck 12Click for larger view of the Deck 12
Deck 11
Walk around deck, sun deck, 'Sozo': Spa, Gym & Well-Being.
The Deck 11Click for larger view of the Deck 11
Deck 10
'AFTer' disco/bar/lounge, 'Discovery' lounge, 'Greek Deli', 'Halara Cove' swimming pool, terrace & bar, 'Fig & Honey' juice bar & gelato stand.
The Deck 10Click for larger view of the Deck 10
Deck 9
The 'Taverna' and 'The Pizza Oven' restaurants, 'Discovery' cafe, 'Martini' bar & lounge, Casino, 'Amphitheatro' show lounge.

The Deck 9Click for larger view of the Deck 9
Deck 8
'Thalassa' restaurant, 'Agora' shops, 'Grill Seekers' specialty restaurant, 'Star' bar & lounge, photo shop & gallery, 'Symposium'.
The Deck 8Click for larger view of the Deck 8
Deck 7
'Ocean' bar
Cabin types:  SG - BA - XD - XB - XBO - IC 
The Deck 7Click for larger view of the Deck 7
Deck 6
Kids' area, Shore Excursions desk, Reception.
Cabin types:  XC - XB - XBO - IC 
The Deck 6Click for larger view of the Deck 6
Deck 5
Cabin types:  XD - XC - XA - IB - IA 
The Deck 5Click for larger view of the Deck 5
Deck 4
Cabin types:  XC - XB - XA - IB - IA 
The Deck 4Click for larger view of the Deck 4
Deck 3
Medical center
Cabin types:  XB 
The Deck 3Click for larger view of the Deck 3
Printable deck plan of the ‘Celestyal Discovery’