In this page we have gathered some links to other web sites that might offer you further assistance during the preparation of your travel to Greece. The following links will open in a new window.

1) General about Greece:

GNTO (Greek National Tourism Organization): A site which each traveller should start from, at least in order to get the list of addresses and phone numbers of the GNTO (written "EOT" in Greek) offices in different countries.

Greece Now: this site is developed by the Greek Ministry of Foreign affairs and contains a great variety of information concerning Greece in general and specifically for the main cities.

Hellenic Culture: the site of the Greek Ministry of Culture. Many of the pictures and descriptions of archaeological sites and monuments in our site are taken from here. Don't miss the cultural map of Greece which is a unique project of great importance for the Greeks and our visitors.

Foundation of the Hellenic World: also included in the links section of the "Museum Day" in our "Greece Through History" package deal. Don't miss the the virtual reality presentations of the foundation.

National Observatory of Athens - weather forecast: detailed information on the weather in Greece.

KTEL: the web site of the Intercity Road Transport Companies in Greece; or else, "where can I find bus schedules for Kalambaka?"

OSE: Greek railways

And last but not least, the web site of our friend and experienced traveller Matt, as well as the pages of our ISP, which are all full of tips and information about travelling in Greece.

2) Other links that you may find interesting:

The Athens Concert Hall (the "Megaron")

Half Note Jazz Club

OASA: how to move in Athens using public transportation means.

I Learn Greek lessons and more.

Packables travel store: Packables Travel Solutions - Your full service travel store (client's web site).

Other Dolphin Hellas web sites:,
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