Dora Stratou Greek Dances Theatre

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    Performances are held from May through September

  Location of the Dora Stratou theatre

Authentic Greek dancersWe are very proud to feature the "Dora Stratou" ensemble in our offered services. This living museum of Greek dance was inaugurated in 1953 and offers a unique and totally original experience.
Housed in its own open-air 800-seat theater on Filopappou Hill, the ensemble has 75 dancers, musicians and folk singers and a collection of more that 2500 village-made costumes, pieces of jewelery and other works of folk art, 1000 of which are actually worn on stage each season. The institution conducts extensive field search programs in dance ethnography,Genitsaroi and Boulles in Greek folk carnival dance history and sociology, is in close cooperation with the International Dance Council and the International Organization of Folk Art (both Unesco NGOs) and maintains an archive of dance books, articles, field recordings, photographs and films of more than 60 years. Each performance presents dances from different parts of GreeceGreek traditional dances at the Dora Stratou theatre and all serve as proof of the continuity of an ancient tradition.
The theater can be accessed by bus (number 230), trolley bus (number 15) or by taxi. If you stay close to the Acropolis, you can also walk (slightly uphill, 10-15 minutes from the Acropolis). We can also arrange for a private transfer (upon request, depends on number of participants).
A truly authentic experience, which we strongly recommend!
Performances: Wed-Fri at 21:30, Sat-Sun at 20:30; check at for further details.

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