Ancient Corinth tour

EUR 62,00
  • Half day tour
  • Nov.2020-Mar.2021: N/A
  • Apr.2021-Oct.2021: Mon. Fri.
    Available from May3 onwards

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Departure from Athens: 8:00 am

Return in Athens: 2:00 pm

Ancient CorinthHighlights: Driving along the scenic westCorinth channel crossing coast of Attica, after a short stop at the Corinth Canal with its breathtaking views, the tour reaches the ancient town of Corinth (visit), where St. PaulCorinth lived and preached for two years. Back in the ancient times, Corinth was amongst the richest cities and this is quite evident by its remains, including the huge Agora and Apollo's Temple (6th c. BC). Brief stop at the site of the ancient port of Kechreae where St. Paul disembarked. Return to Athens on time for lunch.

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Travelled in June, 2019

(Rating: 5/5)

rating of 5 out of 5 Tsitsos
The tour was grand and while only 3 of the 12 went, they enjoyed it and felt it was a worthwhile trip

- M. Singh - Singapore

Travelled in June, 2019

(Rating: 5/5)

rating of 5 out of 5 Tsitsos

- S. Werkema - Tennessee, USA

Travelled in June, 2016

(Rating: 5/5)

rating of 5 out of 5 Tsitsos
This was the last tour for us. The trip was excellent and the guide was very professional. We had ample time to take the pictures we wanted and she was very knowledgeable. As our group was small, she went the extra mile to bring us through the museum with her very enriching explanations.

- P. Soh - Singapore

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the "Ancient Corinth tour"
is rated 5 out of 5,
based on 3 customer ratings.