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IMPORTANT: This page is no longer maintained and the information contained is no longer valid.
For updated information please refer to the page presenting the ships of Celestyal Cruises that are currently sailing the Greek seas.

The cruise vessel ‘Celestyal Majesty’ of Celestyal Cruises

The 'Celestyal Majesty' of Celestyal Cruises

9 passenger decks, maximum 1990 passengers in 732 cabins - 28 of which have balconies and four are suitable for wheelchairs- fully air-conditioned, 6 elevators, restaurants, casual dining, two swimming pools, jacuzzi's, lounges & bars, casinolibrarykid's area, gym, wellness centre, sauna, massage, beauty centre, shops, medical centre.

GRT: 40.876 tons, Length: 207 m, Beam: 28 m, Draught: 6,10 m, Cruising Speed: 17 knots, Stabilizers

list bullet Cabin categories, capacities


of Cabins
Cabin Description
SGDeck 92Grand Suite
with balcony
(up to 4 persons)
SBDeck 912Balcony Suite
(up to 4 persons)
SDeck 9, Deck 63Suite
(up to 4 persons)
SBJDeck 9, Deck 812Junior Balcony Suite
(up to 2 persons)
SJODeck 95Junior Suite
with obstructed view
(up to 4 persons)
XGDeck 9, Deck 8, Deck 7, Deck 6104Outside cabin
(up to 4 persons)
XFDeck 4, Deck 376Outside Cabin
(up to 4 persons)
XFODeck 9, Deck 8, Deck 755Outside cabin
with obstructed view
(up to 4 persons)
XDDeck 8, Deck 7, Deck 631Outside Cabin
(up to 2 persons)
XBDeck 4, Deck 3118Outside Cabin
(up to 2 persons)
XBODeck 864Outside cabin
with obstructed view
(up to 2 persons)
IFDeck 7, Deck 653Inside Cabin
(up to 3 persons)
IDDeck 4113Inside Cabin
(up to 4 persons)
IBDeck 384Inside Cabin
(up to 4 persons)
* All cabins are equipped with air conditioning, private facilities, TV, telephone, safe deposit box and hairdryer; all suites have a refrigerated mini bar.

* All suites except "SBJ" have a bathtub; all other cabin types have a shower.

* Two out of the five "SJO" suites have a balcony.

* Four cat. "XG" cabins on Deck 7 are wheelchair accessible.

* In Suites the 3rd & 4th persons sleep on a sofa bed; in all other categories - where applicable - third and fourth persons sleep on upper berths.

* Matrimonial beds are available in categories "S", "XD', "XB" and "ID"

list bullet Deck plans & ship details per deck


Click on the images below for larger view of each deck

Deck 11
Sun decks, promenade
The Deck 11Click for larger view of the Deck 11
Deck 10
'Piazza San Marco', 'Topsiders' bar, swimming pools, Jacuzzi's, pool bar, 'Café Royal'
The Deck 10Click for larger view of the Deck 10
Deck 9
Kids' club and pool, 'Royal Observatory' lounge & bar
Cabin types:  SG - SB - S - SBJ - SJO - XG - XFO 
The Deck 9Click for larger view of the Deck 9
Deck 8
Cabin types:  SBJ - XG - XFO - XD - XBO 
The Deck 8Click for larger view of the Deck 8
Deck 7
'Frame 52' lounge & bar, gym, sauna, massage, beauty salon, Sana wellness centre
Cabin types:  XG - XFO - XD - IF 
The Deck 7Click for larger view of the Deck 7
Deck 6
'Jubilee' lounge, 'Polo' club, photo gallery, 'Monte Carlo' casino
Cabin types:  S - XG - XD - IF 
The Deck 6Click for larger view of the Deck 6
Deck 5
'Seven Seas' restaurant, 'Four Seasons' restaurant, 'Le Bistro' restaurant, coffee bar, reception, library, card room, shops, 'Rendezvous' bar, 'Royal Fireworks' lounge
The Deck 5Click for larger view of the Deck 5
Deck 4
Medical centre
Cabin types:  XF - XB - ID 
The Deck 4Click for larger view of the Deck 4
Deck 3
Cabin types:  XF - XB - IB 
The Deck 3Click for larger view of the Deck 3


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