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Samos, Pythagoras island and its diverse beauty

Land tour code: SAM-01
Cruise port: Greece - North Aegean - Samos

Duration: Half day

Samos: Vathy

Samos the land of Pythagoras, Epicurus, Aristarchus and possibly Aesop, is in full bloom. Its fertile soil gives birth to the world renowned "Muscat" variety of wine. These two elements of nature, earth and water, are in complete control on this island, which is the 8th largest of Greece. You will have so much to see and do!

From Vathy you will shortly arrive at the Samos Wine Museum. It was inaugurated in the summer of 2005 and both its exhibits and its impressive representations will guide you through paths of fine, aromatic, awarded wine. You will learn about the vats and chemistry equipment, you will see up close the tools and tubes and you will become informed about the white Muscat variety, which reigns supreme over this land.
Travelling towards the south, you will soon arrive at the Monastery of Panagia Spiliani. It is said that this was the Cave of Pythagoras and that from here, the great mathematician operated a philosophical school.
For the conclusion of the excursion, there awaits Pythagoreio, the land which gave birth to Pythagoras and which took its name from him. At the third largest village of Samos, a vivid and beautifully maintained place, you will have enough time for exploration, shopping and to walk around the port, the most ancient artificial port in the Mediterranean.

  • Samos Wine Museum
  • Samos: Panagia Spiliani
  • Samos: Pythagoreio


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