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The hidden treasures of Milos

Land tour code: MIL-05
Cruise port: Greece - Cyclades islands - Milos

Duration: Full day

Milos: Kleftiko

Join us for an unforgettable full day boat trip around the island of Milos. "Captain Yangos", a seventeen-meter wooden boat, will pick you up as soon as you disembark from your ship at the port of Adamas and start sailing west.

First we reach Cape Vani, whose towering taunting rocks stand sentinel on the cape beside the old manganese mines, which operated between 1890 and 1920. The remains of the loading bays, which were in use until a century ago, can still be seen on the shore.

Afterwards we turn south, towards the south-west corner of the island as far as the famous Sykia Cave; we will stop briefly so that you can see from the deck of Captain Yangos the entrance of the cave and the small beach inside it.

Our next destination is Kleftiko, one of the most famous landmarks of Milos and a unique volcanic landscape that served as a pirate hideout for about 400 years! After a tour of its three bays we will dock here, so you can enjoy a dip in its crystalline waters (swimming in deep water off the boat).

Ferrying along the south side of the island, we'll reach the beach of Tsigrado or alternatively Kalamos, in case there are already a lot of swimmers in Tsigrado. Both beached are famous for their the turquoise waters (swimming in deep water, off the boat).

The boat continues towards the east side of the island, sailing past the Sulphur Mines; now the landscape has shades of yellow and red. This is the location of an abandoned sulphur processing factory, that seized to operate in 1956, a famous site of industrial photography.

Next stop is the sister island of Milos, Kimolos. "Captain Yangos" will dock in at Psathi, the port of Kimolos, for a 2,5hr stop. Kimolos is an unspoiled, traditional Cycladic island where time has stopped. The local bus -chartered for us- will transfer us within 5 minutes to Horio (meaning "village" in Greek), the capital of Kimolos, a very picturesque village, where one can visit the remains of a medieval castle, built by the first crusaders. We will have lunch at one of the taverns, on a spacious veranda with a spectacular panoramic view over the village and the port.

After a short walk in the village, we embark on "Captain Yangos" and continue towards the north side of Milos. We pass by Glaronisia (meaning "seagull islands"), two volcanic rocks that emerged from the swift cooling of lava, hundreds of thousands years ago. Close to Glaronisia, the boat will make a slow pass by the beach of Sarakiniko, a unique volcanic scenery of white rocks, made out of volcanic ash, blending with the crystal blue sea.

Last stop for swimming (deep sea swimming off the boat) in the beaches of Plathiena or Fyropotamos (selection depending on weather).

Later, the boat reaches the entrance of the port of Adamas, which is guarded by the sleepless Arkoudes, a rock formation that resembles a mother bear and her cub. A short before we reach Adamas, we will pass by the fishermen village of Klima and its legendary boathouses, the "syrmata" (meaning "wire"). These houses provide homes to the fishermen and their families while protecting their boats, which are docked or "garaged" beneath each building; the houses are called "syrmata" because the fishermen use wire to pull their boats from the water into the houses.

Finally, the boat arrives back in the port of Adamas, after a memorable trip around the diverse coastline of Milos.

REMARKS: The excursion is subject to modifications or cancellation due to weather conditions, such as strong winds.

  • Milos: syrmata houses at Klima
  • Milos: Sykia cave


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