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Delphi (also written "Delfi") is one of the most important historical sites in Greece. In antiquity it was believed to be the centre of the earth. Built on the slopes of Mt. Parnassos, the archaeological site includes, among others, the Sanctuary of Apollo, the Tholos, a unique Dorian monument built in the 4000B.C, the Treasury, the Castalia spring and the Palestra.
From Delphi one can do day trips to the monastery of Ossios Loukas, the villages of Itea, Galaxidi and Arachova.
How to get there: by public bus (min. 3hrs) or by private car (3hrs).


Click here to view a detailed map of Delphi area
Map of Delphi area


A general view of the archaeological site on the slopes of Parnassos; click to enlarge
archaeological site

Delphi: The famous statue of Heniochus; click to enlarge
The statue
of Heniochus
The Temple of Apollo; click to enlarge
Temple of Apollon
Delphi: The "Tholos"; click to enlarge
The Tholos
Delphi: Athenians' Thesaurus; click to enlarge
The Athenians'
The Castalia spring; click to enlarge
Castalia spring

The Gymnasium and its Palestra; click to enlarge





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