Ferries tickets

 Our online ticket reservation system does not accept bookings on sailings departing in less than 5 days from today. If you need to travel earlier, please contact us at dolphinhellas@gmail.com for offline reservations.

 When enquiring about a certain route, you will be selecting ports, not towns or the destination itself, and although in many occasions these coincide, usually the ports have a different name than the city they serve or the island they are on. In Athens, for example, the port is called Piraeus. There is also service from three other ports, Rafina, Lavrion and Agios Konstantinos (more information can be found in the introductory page on ticketing). Some islands are listed with their Greek names. The most prominent example is Santorini, which in the system is listed as Thira.

 It is not possible to make "Round Trip" or "Multi Leg" bookings on different ferry companies; "Round Trip" and "Multi Leg" bookings are possible only on schedules of the same ferry company all the way. If you wish to book 2 or more legs on different ferry companies then please use the "One Way" option.

 *DISCLAIMER:* The timetables, prices and availability status information presented are entered into the system directly by the shipping companies without our intervention and, therefore, Dolphin Hellas has no responsibility for their accuracy and validity.

Click to continue to ferry bookings *IMPORTANT:* Please read the terms and conditions that govern the relationship, responsibilities and liabilities between the passenger and the company as well as between the passenger and the carrier. The terms and conditions are binding whether you have read them or not.