Shore excursions of Louis Cruises

The following land tours (shore excursions) are operated at the ports of call of cruises in Greece and Turkey of Louis Cruises.

Please note that the shore excursions cannot be sold separately from corresponding cruise(s).

Each tour generally requires a minimum number of 30 participants (although some tours may require more than 30 participants) to be conducted. Whenever possible, every effort shall be made to provide trained guides in the requested language based on the above mentioned minimum participation.

Shore Excursion itineraries are subject to change due to unexpected events or cases of force majeure.


Agios Nikolaos

A Delectable Day in Crete (AGH-02)
From Agios Nikolaos we drive to Elounda, a quiet resort on the beautiful Bay of Elounda; its hotels have been designed to complement the area’s rocky geography and turquoise waters. Elounda is of unforgettable beauty, famed throughout [...]
Spinalonga & swimming in Elounda (AGH-03)
We drive from Agios Nikolaos port to the resort of Elounda, an unforgettable beauty famed throughout the Aegean for its gorgeous green hills, its sugar-sand beaches and its pristine, inviting sea. From Elounda we sail the calm [...]
Crete river trekking tour (AGH-05)
The amazing Richtis Gorge lies between Agios Nikolaos and Sitia, on the north of Eastern Crete, and there is water flowing through the gorge year-round. Our hike, which takes between three and four hours, begins just [...]
The Minoan Palace of Knossos & Heraklion (AGH-06)
We travel by air-conditioned bus to the Minoan Palace of Knossos. Knossos, the capital of the Minoan civilization, was the first civilization in Europe. The Minoan civilization, which endured for about 2000 years, was one of the [...]
Crete, “Jeep” Safari (AGH-07)
This tour will give you the opportunity not only to discover, see and learn the wild Cretan landscape, meet local people, enjoy typical Cretan villages, but also to have great fun as a team hunting for the treasure. In every 4x4 [...]


Chios, Anavatos & Nea Moni (CHI-02)
We leave the port of Chios and travel the panoramic road that climbs the foothills of Mount Provatas to the center of the island to tour "Nea Moni" monastery, one of the most famous structures of the Byzantine period. The main church [...]
Chios Town & Kambos (CHI-04)
Chios Town, the capital of Chios, has always been and the island's commercial and cultural centre. Its castle -built by the Genoese during their occupation of the island between the 12th and 14th centuries- looks [...]
Chios, Mesta & Anavatos villages (CHI-05)
The village of Mesta is the most distant of the medieval villages but it is also the most well-preserved. The form and architecture here is totally unique. The houses are build side-by-side to each other, so tightly that there are [...]


Minoan Palace of Knossos (HER-02)
Crete is the largest and the most rugged of the Greek islands. It is also the home of the great Minoan Civilization and the mythological birthplace of Zeus. After a short drive through the town of Heraklion the tour will arrive at [...]
Cretan countryside and lifestyle (HER-04)
The tour begins from the Venetian lion-guarded port of Heraklion with a drive through the city to the famous wine producing area of Peza, south of Heraklion. The island of Crete has the most traditional vineyards of the whole of [...]
Heraklion City Tour & the Museum (HER-07)
Heraklion is the largest urban centre in Crete, the capital of the region and the economic, commercial and scientific centre of the island. It is also endowed with some wonderful edifices: the "Koules" fortress, the award winning [...]


Panoramic Ios (IOS-01)
From the port of Ios our bus rolls toward Skarkos, a prehistoric settlement that proves Ios has been inhabited since the early Cycladic period. Skarkos had a modern system for the disposal of rainwater and a sewer system. Its [...]
Ios, Set sail on a Pirate Boat (IOS-03)
Ahoy, mateys! Dare ye stand beneath our black sails and trust us to take you to some of the most beautiful beaches in the Aegean? You'll need your trusty scabbard and your sunscreen. From port we sail southwest past a number of [...]


Kos – Asklepion, Zia & the Platane of Hippocrates (KOS-01)
We start this excursion just outside Kos Town with a visit to the Asklepion, built in the 4th century BC, as a health and healing centre and its Doric temple dedicated to Asklepios, son of Apollo and the god of healing. This [...]
Kos, ‘Lazy Day’ cruise (KOS-06)
You will board our "caici" boat in Kos harbour and set sail for the island of Pserimos, a trip of about 45 minutes on beautiful blue seas. We will dock close to Vathy Beach, where you'll have time to swim and relax in its warm, clear [...]
Kos, ‘A taste of tradition & Zia’ tour (KOS-07)
This tour is an excellent way to get to know the traditional side of Kos. We leave the harbour via air conditioned bus for our first stop, a family-run winery built on some of the island's most fertile land, at the foot of Mt. Dikeos. [...]


Athens Monuments & Acropolis (LAV-01)
On arrival in Athens you visit the Acropolis, on which stands the Parthenon, the symbol of classical architecture. The entrance to the top of the hill is through the Propylea, the "gates" through which the Panathinea processions used [...]
Cape Sounion & the Temple of Poseidon (LAV-06)
An approximate 30 min bus ride through the pine trees of Cape Sounion will bring you to the spectacular location of the Temple of Poseidon. One of the first sites often visited by those on a Greece tour is the famed Temple of [...]
Athens monuments & the New Acropolis Museum (LAV-07)
On arriving in Athens, you start the city sightseeing driving past the Temple of Zeus, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, guarded by the "evzones" dressed in their traditional costume, the Parliament, and the Panathinaikon Stadium, where [...]


Milos, ‘Step Back in Time’ tour (MIL-02)
We invite you to step back in time with us on the incredible volcanic island of Milos, one of the most beautiful places on earth. A short drive from the harbour takes us to Sarakiniko, an inlet of pure white stone sculpted by [...]
Milos, amazing beaches tour (MIL-03)
About a 30 minutes drive from the port of Adamas, Paleochori, which actually comprises three beaches totalling 800 meters of sandy coastline, is known for its dramatic cliff faces, the mineral deposits of which, particularly sulphur, [...]
Day out in Milos (MIL-04)
The air-conditioned bus picks you up at the port of Adamas for a grand day out. We begin in the picturesque village of Tripiti, which is perched on a ridge above the sea. After the abandonment of Filakopi in 1100 BC, Tripiti, at that [...]
The hidden treasures of Milos (MIL-05 & MIL-06)
This boat tour around the island of Milos is operated by two small wooden ships that follow the same itinerary but offer different options once at Sykia cave and at Kleftiko. "Captain Yangos" (tour code: MIL-05) is a seventeen-meter [...]


Mykonian countryside, Chora & Little Venice (MYK-06)
The excursion with the coach and your tour guide sets off from Chora, the capital of Mykonos. You head towards the secluded locations of the island with an exceptionally privileged view, that pleases the eye and eases the soul. From [...]


St. John’s Monastery & Grotto of the Apocalypse (PAT-01)
Depart from the port of Scala and enjoy a short drive to the village of Chora, where the Monastery of St. John is built within the walls of a strong fortification. As you walk uphill towards the entrance of the monastery, marvel at [...]
Patmos country side tour with Hora & Grotto of Apocalypse (PAT-02)
An interesting scenic island tour which has been designed for those passengers who prefer to discover the beauties of Patmos from the comfort of an air-conditioned motor coach. Start the tour from the port of Scala and drive to the [...]
Patmos, traditional feast (PAT-05)
Join us for an unforgettable meal served in this traditional tavern, at the most charming location scented by the wild flowers of the Patmian nature and filled with friendly locals eager to share their cuisine and way of life. Board [...]


Athens City Tour and Acropolis (PIR-01)
On arrival in Athens you visit the Acropolis, on which stands the Parthenon, the symbol of classical architecture. The entrance to the top of the hill is through the Propylea, the "gates" through which the Panathinea processions used [...]
Athens & the New Acropolis Museum (PIR-07)
Leaving the port of Piraeus, the coach takes the coastal road leading to Athens. On arriving in Athens, you start the city sightseeing driving past the Temple of Zeus, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, guarded by the "evzones" [...]


Lindos & Old City of Rhodes (RHO-01)
Lindos is situated 55km South from the city of Rhodes; above this picturesque preserved village stands the Acropolis of Lindos, on the top of a precipice 122m above the sea, with the ancient Temple of Athena, built in 300 B.C. In [...]
Philerimos & the Palace of the Knights (RHO-02)
Rhodes, as a travel destination is ideal as much for its recreational tourism as for its religious and archaeological tourism. The Acropolis of ancient Rhodes stands proudly on the hill of St. Stephanos, also called Monte Smith; [...]
Rhodes Old City Walking Tour (RHO-11)
Walking along the paved Street of the Knights -one of the best preserved medieval arteries- you will come across residences of people of several different historic nationalities, who once belonged to the Order of the Knights of St. [...]


Samos, Pythagoras island and its diverse beauty (SAM-01)
Samos the land of Pythagoras, Epicurus, Aristarchus and possibly Aesop, is in full bloom. Its fertile soil gives birth to the world renowned "Muscat" variety of wine. These two elements of nature, earth and water, are in complete [...]
Samos island: culture, scenery, history (SAM-02)
Samos, also known as the Island of Pythagoras, welcomes you cordially to its 25 vineyards, the waterfalls and the wetlands, the seaside villages, the traditional pottery craft and the famed Samian wines. The guided shore excursion [...]
Samos, traditional feast (SAM-03)
Join us for an unforgettable meal served in the main square of Pagondas, a charming village scented by orange and lemon trees and filled with friendly locals, eager to share their cuisine and way of life. Board your air-conditioned [...]
Samos 4 x 4 adventure (SAM-04)
Get acquainted with the verdant island of Samos with this exciting four-wheel-drive experience, which includes a visit to a beautiful beach for a chance to swim and sunbathe. At the pier, you will get into your Suzuki-type [...]


Excursion to Oia Village (SAN-01)
First you head up to the monastery of Prophet Elias, for a breath-taking view, deep inhalations of clean, pure, Cycladic air and memorial photos. The tour continues its passage towards the north. To the east, in the background, you [...]
Santorini’s islands & volcano (SAN-02)
From the cruise ship you will be transported easily within a few minutes by small boat to Nea Kameni, an islet where black lava rocks and white pumice are combined beautifully with the red colour of lava. Take a walk to the top of the [...]
Santorini, Akrotiri village & excavations (SAN-05)
In prehistoric times, the people who inhabited what today is known as Santorini, called the island Strongyle ("round"). These people enjoyed a high standard of living: they built two-story houses, tilled the earth and were skilled [...]


Symi barbecue cruise (SYM-03)
Let us take you for a delicious barbecue and a refreshing swim on the unspoiled, uninhabited island of Nimos just north of Symi. Known as Ymos to the ancient Greeks, today the island is an untouched natural wonderland and a protected [...]


Sublime Syros tour (SYR-03)
The port of Ermoupolis in Syros is the capital of the Cyclades group of islands and a UNESCO World Heritage site. Our tour takes you south from Ermoupolis to Anastasi Church, above Ermoupolis, to visit this lovely domed church and to [...]



Bodrum, ‘A Twist of Moonlight’ tour (BOD-03)
Known in antiquity as Halicarnassus, Bodrum, once a small fishing village, has been described as the St. Tropez of Turkey, thanks to its pristine beaches and stellar nightlife; celebrities anchor their yachts here throughout the [...]


Cesme, ‘Experience ancient Ephesus’ tour (CES-01)
We travel by bus approximately two hours to the ancient city of Ephesus, passing many typical rural Turkish villages along the way. Ephesus, one of the 12 cities of Ionia, is a stunning marvel in the hills above the Aegean coast. [...]
Cesme, Sole Mare beach club & Alacati (CES-02)
Sole Mare Beach Club is located on Aya Yorgi Bay, beloved of Cesme locals for its turquoise waters and pristine sand. For the past decade, Sole Mare has been a popular beach club during the day and, after sunset, one of Cesme’s most [...]
Cesme, tour to Izmir (CES-03)
Izmir, more than 12000 square kilometres big and home to more than three million people, is Turkey's third-largest city. It presents itself as a modern, teeming metropolis, but, as we tour Izmir, its magnificent ancient past comes [...]


Ottoman Empire & Byzantine Legacy (IST-03)
Begin the excursion to Istanbul with a sightseeing drive through the business centre of the modern city, across the Galata Bridge, along the banks of the Golden Horn and under the Byzantine Aqueduct of Valens. On the way, you can see [...]
Bosporus Cruise & Grand Bazaar (IST-12)
Start the tour with a short drive through the modern city of Istanbul, crossing the Galata Bridge en route to the Golden Horn. The Bosporus strait divides Europe from Asia and the two parts of Istanbul are connected by the Galata and [...]
Sultanahmet Square (IST-13)
Your first visit will be to Sultanahmet Mosque. The Mosque is decorated with 21000 blue Iznik tiles from where it gets its name, the "Blue Mosque" and was built upon the orders of 20 year old Sultan Ahmed I, whose grave lies inside the [...]
Byzantine Heritage & Bazaars (IST-15)
You begin your excursion to Istanbul with a sightseeing drive through the business center of the modern city, across the Galata Bridge and along the banks you reach the Orthodox Patriarchate where you will visit the Church of St. [...]

Kusadasi (Ephesus)

Ancient Ephesus & the House of Virgin Mary (KUS-01)
Drive through the colourful town of Kusadasi to reach Mt. Koressos. Located in a nature park between Ephesus and Seljuk, the House of the Virgin ("Meryemana" in Turkish) is a humble chapel that is believed to be the last residence of [...]
Ancient Ephesus through the ages – Hellenistic and Roman (KUS-02)
Drive through the colourful town of Kusadasi and along the coast to reach Ephesus, famous in antiquity for its Temple of Diana - one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World - and later the home of St. John. During the years of the [...]
Ancient Ephesus & the Terrace Houses (KUS-07)
At Ancient Ephesus you find Immortal relics of the Hellenistic, Roman and Early Christian era. At the archaeological site you will be given a guided tour of the Agora, the Odeon, the Library of Celsus, the marble-paved main Street of [...]


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